Dental articulators

The high-end dental articular ensures precise and error-free calibration. We have a wide variety of dental articulators that ensure precision and brilliance in prosthesis production. All dental articulators can be utilized for an extended period without any material flaws or faults. All type of articulators is compatible with the model transfer equipment’s.

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Adjustable Dental Articulator

Buy adjustable dental articulator wholesale prices online; 0.3kg net weight, minimum 3pc; Free delivery

Anatomic Dental Articulator

Anatomic dental articulator; Free delivery word wide.

Cheap Dental Articulator

Simple and cheap dental articulator; 5Pc minimum quantity; Free delivery.

Dental Lab Articulator

Dental Articulator fit for Artex BN; Free delivery.

Dental Model Articulator

Dental articulator adjustable; High strength nylon,multi-time application; Free delivery.

Disposable Articulator Mounting Plates For Artex

Disposable articulator mounting plates; Fit for Artex dental system; Free Delivery.

Face bow Transfer Stand Kit

Face bow Transfer Stand Kit; Artex dental system compatiable; Free delivery.

Facebow And Dental Articulator Kit

  • This dentist dental supplies kit is compatiable with artex dental system.
  • Weight:7.5kg,Free shipping

Facebow Dental

Facebow dental kit; Fit for Artex Dental System; Free delivery.

Facebow Transfer Plates Kit

Facebow Transfer Plates Kit compatible; Artex dental system compatible; Free delivery.

Fully Adjustable Articulator

Fully adjustable articulator dental supply; Compatiable with Amann Girrbach Artex CR articulator,Ratio 1:1; Free Delivery.

Incisal Guidance Table For Artex Dental

Accessories of articulator for Artex system; Fit for Artex dental; Free delivery.