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Disposable Dental Articulator – Half Jaw Design for Precision in Dental Laboratories

Experience precision and ease with our disposable dental articulator, designed for dental laboratories. It features a half jaw design for accurate dental procedures. Perfect for single-unit crowns and cases requiring minimal lateral jaw movement. Packed in bags of 100pcs, weighing 1.5Kg per bag.

Edentulous jaw Alignment Guide Plate Tool

Achieve precise denture alignment and aesthetics with our edentulous jaw alignment guide plate tool. Compatible with various articulators, ensure lifelike movements and optimal occlusion for enhanced patient comfort and satisfaction. Free shipping.

Denture Fabrication Articulator-Condylar Lateral Movement Adjustable

A premium adjustable articulator for denture fabrication and prosthodontics. Features adjustable condylar lateral arch motion, 35° condylar inclination guidance, incisal guidance, and magnetic mounting casts. Replicates jaw movements for natural-fitting dentures, ideal for dental labs. Denture fabrication articulator accessories of disposable mounting plates, anterior incisal guide table, occlusal plate options here. Free shipping.

Articulator Adjustment Maxillary Motion Replication

Fully customizable semi-adjustable articulator replicates maxillary motion for natural articulation of dental restorations. Features articulator adjustment: condylar guidance, programmable protrusive movements, and adjustable incisal guidance. Compatible with Artex mounting system. Made for dental laboratories. Free shipping

Counterweight Plate For Artex Articulator

The Artex articulator system is a sophisticated mechanical device used in dentistry to replicate the patient's jaw movements and occlusal relationship. Counterweight plate combines dental gypsum and plastic materials to provide strength and stability to support the upper member of the articulator for precise occlusal adjustments on dental restorations. Free shipping.

High-Precision Articulator with Bennett Angle Adjustability and Sagittal Condylar Inclination

Discover the advanced features of our Articulator for precise occlusal analysis and adjustment. With adjustable Bennett angle, sagittal condylar inclination, and condylar retrusion, achieve optimal occlusion. The magnetic base system ensures stability during Artex-compatible mounting. Enhance your dental practice with our high-precision Articulator today. DHL/FedEx delivery.

Split Casting Magnetic Articulator for Occlusal Adjustments and Analysis

Elevate your dental lab's performance with the PrecisionPro dental lab articulator. Designed for precise occlusal adjustments and analysis, this articulator features a magnetic mounting system, adjustable condyles inclination setting, and enhanced stability. Experience unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in your dental lab. Minimum 3 set, Free shipping.

Anatomic Pro+ Articulator-the ultimate solution for precise occlusal analysis and adjustment.

Discover the Anatomic Pro+ Articulator, the ultimate solution for precise occlusal analysis and adjustment. With its integrated Artex magnetic model plate system, adjustable parameters, and superior construction, this articulator revolutionizes the field of occlusal dentistry. Elevate your practice with advanced technology and exceptional accuracy. Free shipping.

Facebow Fork

Enhance your dental practice with our high-quality dental facebow fork bite accessories, achieving precise occlusal adjustments and optimizing treatment outcomes. Choose from versatile material options including a high-temperature resistant metal dental fork or a durable plastic dental fork. Free shipping.

Premium Articulator for Precise Occlusal Alignment

Our premium semi-adjustable denture articulator is designed to provide precise occlusal alignment for optimal fit and function of complete dentures. With bennett angle adjustment, compatibility with Artex system, and optional facebow transfer devices, achieve accurate articulation and efficient workflow in denture fabrication. Free shipping.

Full Arch Articulator – Precision Dental Tool for Accurate Occlusal Alignment

Enhance your dental practice with the full arch articulator, a reliable and durable fixed hinge articulator designed for establishing the vertical occlusal relationship. Made from chrome-plated material, this professional-grade tool provides stability and security for plaster restoration models. With its adjustable bite height and user-friendly design, the full arch articulator enables precise alignment, facilitating accurate treatment planning and execution. Upgrade your dental workflow with this precision dental tool today! Free shipping.

Articulating Paper

Our articulating paper is made from high-quality materials that provide accurate and reliable occlusal analysis, ensuring precise adjustments for improved functionality and patient comfort. With our articulating paper, dental technicians can assess the fit and occlusion of dental restorations, dentures, and prosthetic components, ensuring proper alignment and distribution of biting forces for optimal functionality. Packing: 300pcs per box, size:55x18 mm. Free shipping.

Dental Articulators

The high-end dental articular ensures precise and error-free calibration. We have a wide variety of dental articulators that ensure precision and brilliance in prosthesis production. All dental articulators can be utilized for an extended period without any material flaws or faults. All type of articulators is compatible with the model transfer equipment’s.