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Anatomic Dental Articulator

$60.00 $48.00
Anatomic dental articulator; Free delivery word wide.

Cheap Dental Articulator

$25.00 $18.80
Simple and cheap dental articulator; 5Pc minimum quantity; Free delivery.

Dental Lab Articulator

$210.00 $160.00
Dental Articulator fit for Artex BN; Free delivery.

Dental Model Articulator

Dental articulator adjustable; High strength nylon,multi-time application; Free delivery.

Disposable Articulator Mounting Plates For Artex

$2.00 $0.99
Disposable articulator mounting plates; Fit for Artex dental system; Free Delivery.

Face bow Transfer Stand Kit

$380.00 $280.00
Face bow dental transfer kit; Artex dental system compatiable; Free delivery.

Facebow And Dental Articulator Kit

$2,600.00 $1,550.00
  • This dentist dental supplies kit is compatiable with artex dental system.
  • Weight:7.5kg,Free shipping

Facebow Dental

$880.00 $502.00
Facebow dental kit; Fit for Artex Dental System; Free delivery.

Facebow Transfer Plates Kit

$250.00 $176.00
Artex dental system facebow transfer plates compatiable; Free delivery.

Fully Adjustable Articulator

$1,100.00 $689.00
Fully adjustable articulator dental supply; Compatiable with Amann Girrbach Artex CR articulator,Ratio 1:1; Free Delivery.

Incisal Guidance Table For Artex Dental

$220.00 $156.00
Accessories of articulator for Artex system; Fit for Artex dental; Free delivery.

Magnetic artex articulator mounting plates

$50.00 $33.00
Magentic articulator mounting plates for artex system; Multi times application; Free delivery