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6 Times Caries Model

6 times magnified caries model. Two-sided comparison enables a clear understanding of the development and harm of tooth decay. A very necessary communication model between dentist and patient in dental office. Free shipping.

Alternating Deciduous and Permanent Teeth

Alternating Deciduous and Permanent Teeth Model. A must-have educational communication model in dental office. Free shipping.

Anesthesia Tooth Extraction Model

Anesthesia Tooth Extraction Model Training Product. Feature: 11 injection points on the upper and lower sides. If the injection position is correct, the red light will flash and there will be a beep. Free shipping.

Apical Cyst Model Pathology

Apical Cyst Model - 5 Stage, designed to enhance communication between doctors and patients. Order yours today to provide a better understanding of the condition and treatment options. Improve patient outcomes with this essential educational tool. Free shipping.

Deciduous Tooth Preparation Model

Children's Deciduous Tooth Preparation Model. Tooth are detachable, coming with a crew tool. Free shipping.

Dental Lab Mandibular Implant Restoration Model

Mandibular Implant Restoration Model For Dental Students, Professional, and A Necessary Model In Dental Office For Patient Communication. Traning purpose: Cave preparing, Silicon turing, Tooth tray making, Dental Preparing, Crown Making, Gypsum extraction. The Mandibular Implant Restoration Model is an excellent investment for dental professionals looking to enhance their skills in implant dentistry and other dental procedures, as well as a necessary tool for patient communication in dental offices. Free shipping.

Dental Stone Removal Training Model

Stone Removal Training Model With Articulator, Detachable Tooth. For pathological observation, tooth cleaning practice, repeated trainning. Free shipping.

Dental Training Model

Complete full ranges of general dentistry restoration of dental training model. Overall dimension size: 8x6.5x6.5 cm. Get the dental training model now and take your restoration skills to the next level with a safe and realistic simulation experience! implant traing model application Free shipping.

Detachable Tooth Caries Model

Detachable Tooth Caries Model, A Must-have Communication Model In Dental Office Between Dentist And Patient. Invest in the Dental Caries Step Model today and enhance your patient education and communication efforts, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes and satisfaction. Free shipping.

Full Adult Pathology Model

Adult full pathology model demonstrates a comprehensive range of dental pathologies. Display to patient: dental caries, impacted wisdom teeth, apical abscess and apical cyst, a missing teeth, crown fracture. Invest in the Solid Transparent Adult Pathology Model with Articulator today and revolutionize the way you approach patient education and treatment planning. Free shipping.

Gingival Mandible Model

Partial Gingival Mandible Model, designed by Dentsply. Removable gingival for the upper jaw of the edentulous. Free shipping.

Implant Anchorage Nail Model

Implant Anchorage Nail Model Dental Training Product. Two model options. Free shipping.

Dental models are designed to simulate various dental procedures, including oral implants, root canal therapy, orthodontics, tooth preparation, and more. These models accurately replicate the anatomical features of the human mouth, allowing dental students and professionals to develop and refine their technical skills in a controlled and safe environment.

In addition to technical skill development, dental models are also used to improve doctor-patient communication. Dental professionals can use these models to visually demonstrate various dental procedures and techniques to patients, improving their understanding and easing any anxiety or concerns they may have.