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Portable Dental Office Equipment

The most advanced portable dental office equipment that revolutionizes on-the-go dentistry. This all-in-one system combines drill, suction, compressor and water supply in a lightweight compact unit. Perform exams, cleanings, fillings and more anywhere with professional-grade portability. The adjustable controls and automatic saliva ejector provide optimal performance. Ideal for dentists, hygienists, students and labs needing a complete dental operatory on the go. This is the new frontier of portable dental care and training. Options: Torque head push button high-speed handpiece, low speed handpiece set. Free shipping.

On-the-Go Mobile Dental System


All-In-One Portable Dental Operatory with Built-In Compressor.

The mobile dental system packs a complete dental office into a lightweight, compact unit that's easy to transport anywhere.

With a powerful built-in compressor, onboard water system, suction and full dental capabilities, this portable operatory enables quality care on the go.

If you're looking for bulk orders of wholesale prices, delivered by sea shipment, for as low as $490 USD per set(FOB), please contact us.

Complete Portable Dental Training Kit for Students

Complete portable dental training kit-Practice tooth preparation techniques anywhere with this lightweight air turbine handpiece set. Includes turbine unit, 3-way syringe, foot switch, bottle, high speed turbine, contra angle, straight & air motor handpieces. Adjustable air/water pressure. Build skills on-the-go before treating patients. Free shipping.

Endodontic Training – Root Canal Practice Kit

Master endodontic procedures with this all-in-one root canal practice kit. Practice accessing, shaping, cleaning, obturating on the simulated tooth roots. Compatible with apex locators and motors. Order today and perfect access, shaping, cleaning, and obturation techniques on simulated tooth roots. Free shipping.

Endodontic Skill Training Models – Practice Root Canal Therapy

Advance your endodontic expertise with our high-quality resin root canal training models. Simulate complex canal anatomy for access, instrumentation, irrigation, obturation practice. Endodontic skill training models: 8 types options here, wholesale prices. Free shipping.

Dental Student Training Handpiece System

Explore our cutting-edge Dental Student Training Handpiece System - Portable Dental Unit, designed for both dental student training and dental lab applications. Powered by electricity, it offers a range of electric handpieces and adjustable rotation speeds for precise and efficient dental procedures. Perfect for remote or temporary locations, this versatile system ensures exceptional quality and prepares dental professionals for real-world scenarios. Elevate your skills with our advanced dental training solution today DHL delivery.

Colored PVC Mini Skull Skeleton Model 15 Parts

Discover the fascinating world of human anatomy with our colored plastic mini skull skeleton model. This educational PVC model features 15 detachable parts, allowing for a hands-on learning experience. Perfect for medical schools and nursing education, this lifelike replica provides a compact and lightweight solution for studying the intricate details of the human skull. Free shipping.

Adult 22 Parts Colorful Plastic Human Skull Model

Discover the Medical Anatomy Bone Model 22 Parts Colorful Plastic Human Skull Model - Perfect for Medical Education & Stomatology. This comprehensive set allows you to assemble a complete human internal organ model. Ideal for medical colleges, nursing schools, and preschool education systems. Enhance your understanding of human skull model anatomy with this engaging and durable model. Free shipping

Suction Complete Denture Training System

Take your denture expertise to new heights with the suction training system, the advanced training tool that allows you to master the art of creating secure and stable suction complete dentures, providing your patients with confidence and a natural smile. Maxilla and mandible per kit. Free shipping.

Implant Bone Split Model

Take your prothesis placement skills to the next level with the dental implant bone split model – the ultimate training tool for mastering bone splitting techniques! Simulation hardness: reciplicate II– III bone. Training model designed by world-leading dentistry implant system company. Free FedEx/DHL delivery.

Implant Bone Defect Model

Experience the future of surgical training with our state-of-the-art implant bone defect model, featuring realistic bone material and a variety of implant options for optimal learning. Designed by leading dental implant system. Free FedEx/DHL delivery.

Teeth Model For Dental Students

Oral surgery teeth model for dental students. Training purpose: Apicoectomy, Normal tooth extraction,Impacted tooth extraction,Pus removal (incision), Sturing, Torus removal, Pre-clinical manikin simulation. Providing a good structure and important training purpose for dental students to gain practical experience and confidence before performing procedures on real patients. Experience the difference with our high-quality products! Shop now and enjoy free FedEx/DHL shipping!

Dental models are designed to simulate various dental procedures, including oral implants, root canal therapy, orthodontics, tooth preparation, and more. These models accurately replicate the anatomical features of the human mouth, allowing dental students and professionals to develop and refine their technical skills in a controlled and safe environment.

In addition to technical skill development, dental models are also used to improve doctor-patient communication. Dental professionals can use these models to visually demonstrate various dental procedures and techniques to patients, improving their understanding and easing any anxiety or concerns they may have.