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49% Translucency Cosmetic Dental Zirconia Veneer Material

Vita classic shades, and Ivoclar Vivadent Bleach BL Shade, zirkonzahn dentistry cad/cam compatible; Wholesale Prices Cosmetic Multi-layer Dental Zirconia Material, Anterior Multilayer Zirconia Feature: Translucency:49%,Strength:900 Mpa; DHL Delivery.

Dental Zirconia Block-Anterior Multilayer 49% Translucent

Best anterior multilayer zirconia block restoration materials wholesale prices here. Shade: Vita 16 colors, plus Ivoclar Vivadent Bleach BL Shade, Zirconia feature: Translucency:49%,Strength:900 Mpa, Multilayer color gradient nature transition, DHL Delivery.

Esthetic Zirconia Multilayer 49% Translucency-Fit Amann Girrbach System

Vita 16 shades, plus Ivoclar Vivadent Bleach BL Shade; Fit Amann Girrbach Dental Milling System; Professional multilayer esthetic anterior zirconia restoration application; Amann Girrbach Dental Zirconia Veneer Material Wholesale Prices Online; Translucency:49%; Strength:900 MPA; DHL Delivery.

Multilayer zirconia blocks are designed for anterior restoration. It is suitable for the anterior implant, crown, and bridge, and most ideal for the aesthetic veneer.

The multi-layer anterior zirconia feature’s light transmitter in 49%, and the flexural bending strength is 900Mpa.

Colors: Vita 16 shades, and Bleach BL1, BL2, BL3, BL4.