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Dentist Supplies

Rubber Dam Clamp

Shop our selection of high quality dental rubber dam clamp isolation kits. Includes clamps in sizes 00 to 9, punch, frame. Ideal for endodontics, fillings, crowns. Provides dry field and enhances visibility. Free shipping.

Sirona Scaler Tips

Sirona Scaler Tips Wholesale Prices Online; Application of scaling, endodontic, periodontics option; 5pcs/pack, free shipping.

Dentistry Chairside Milling Unit: Dry 5-axis

Unlock the full potential of chairside dental restorations with our advanced 5-axis milling unit. Experience compact size, intelligent processing, and high efficiency, empowering you to deliver precise and seamless dental restorations to your patients. Tiny overall dimension and light weight design-Net weight: 60Kg, size: 470*393*475mm. Contact sales to get discount prices and solution for doorstep delivery service.

Endo Motor Wireless Maximum 1000rpm

The Endo Motor Wireless delivers precision, control, and visualization for endodontic procedures. With a brushless motor, integrated apex locator, color display, and wireless functionality, this advanced device streamlines root canal measurements and treatments. Adjustable speed, torque, sensitivity, and automated apical features allow dentists to customize the Endo Motor Wireless for each patient's needs. This ergonomic and ambidextrous dental unit enhances performance and productivity in endodontic care. Mode: 11 Memory Modes,  Speed Range:120rpm~1000rpm Free DHL delivery.

Self Ligating Orthodontic Braces

Best Prices of Self Ligating Orthodontic Braces online shop; System:Roth and MBT, mesh base; One box comes to 20pcs brace with a tool in set; Free delivery.

Lab Equipment

Dental Plaster Sink Trap

Streamline your dental office operations with our dental plaster sink trap, offering a hassle-free and efficient solution for disposing of gypsum waste while preventing sink clogs. Upgrade to a cleaner and more productive workspace today. Size φ30*35cm, Net weight 2.5 Kg, Shipping weight 3 Kg. FedeEx/DHL delivery.

Dental Lab Milling Machine-Wet/Dry Dentistry CAD/CAM

Transform your dental laboratory with 5-axis all-in-one Wet/Dry CAD-CAM restoration machine that delivers exceptional precision, efficiency, and compatibility. Join the CAD/CAM revolution and take your dental laboratory to the next level with our Dental Lab Milling Machine. With its open controller system, intelligent processing, and high efficiency, you'll be able to produce exceptional restorations in no time. Packing dimension: 1100*900*1800mm , Net Weight 400kg, Packing weight: 450kg. Contact sales to get agent price, and large dimension equipment delivery solution.

Semi Adjustable Dental Articulator

Semi Adjustable Dental Articulator for sale online: Function: side shift immediate distraction from 0 to 3 mm Fit for artex articulator mounting plate system; Articulator, disposable mounting plates, magnetic baseplates, splitex key accessories available; Free delivery.

Dental Lab Hydraulic Flask Press

dental lab hydraulic flask press for sale online; Shipping weight 24kg, DHL delivery.

Air Compressor For Dental Office-Options Volumes

Experience the perfect blend of performance, silence, reliability with our noiseless and oil-free dental air compressors, designed to ensure smooth operation and exceptional patient comfort in your dental practice. The oil-free design eliminates the risk of contamination, promoting a hygienic environment while extending the lifespan of your air turbine handpieces, air water syringe, and drills, ensuring consistent and reliable performance for every dental procedure. Delivery Information: Please note that due to the large dimensions of our dental air compressors and their low value prices, our minimum order requirement is 5 sets. We offer delivery services via sea shipping to ensure cost-effectiveness and timely delivery. For placing an order and discussing delivery options, including potential discounts, please feel free to contact us. Our dedicated team will be happy to assist you in negotiating the delivery of your order and providing you with the best possible service.


Facebow Transfer Plates Kit

Facebow Transfer Plates Kit compatible; Artex dental system compatible; Free delivery.

Facebow Dental

Facebow dental kit; Fit for Artex Dental System; Free delivery.

Fully Adjustable Articulator

Fully adjustable articulator dental supply; Compatible with Amann Girrbach Artex CR System; Shipping weight 3 kg, DHL Delivery.

Anatomic Dental Articulator

Anatomic dental articulator for sale online; Free delivery to world wide.

Adjustable Dental Articulator

Buy adjustable dental articulator wholesale prices online; 0.3kg net weight, minimum 3pc; Free delivery

Contra Angle Dental Composite Polishing Burs

Shop Dental Composite Polishing Burs RA shank Wholesale online; 6 colors from thin to thick polishing; 50pc minimum,Best price,Free delivery.

Lab Dental Mounted Stones

Buy Lab Dental Mounted Stones online shop; 100pc/box; 2 box minimum,free delivery.

Press Furnace For Dental lithium Disilicate & Metal-fused Porcelain

Experience unparalleled precision and efficiency in your dental laboratory with our advanced dental furnace for lithium disilicate press ingots – revolutionizing the pressing process for exceptional results. Achieve exceptional casting effects and a high success rate with our dental press furnace, fully compatible with the Ivoclar Vivadent Servo Motor Drive Die Casting system – delivering superior quality restorations every time. Packing size: 50*43*68 cm(Press furnace) , 41*29*32 cm(Pump). Packing Weight 29 kg(Press furnace), 10 kg(Vacuum pump). Contact sales get discount and how to delivery the large dimension equipment for door to door service.

Lab Dental Surgical Blade and Handle

Dental lab surgical blade and handle; Wholesale dental surgical blade 11 prices now; 100pc surgical blade/pack; Free delivery.


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1:1 Contra-angle Handpiece

1:1 Contra-angle Handpiece For Sale Online, Inner water with optical fiber design, Options: inner and external water spray, push button, and screw type. Free Delivery.

20:1 Reduction Contra Angle Handpiece

Surgical Contra Angle Handpiece; 20:1 speed reduction surgical handpiece. Fiber optic, inner water and external water spray options. Free shipping. Free Delivery.

LED Light Dental Handpiece High Speed

Achieve superior dental procedures with our high speed LED dental handpiece. Features 11.2x13.18mm standard head for precision, 380K-450K rpm speed range and push button chuck. Built-in LED lighting enhances visibility. NSK-compatible cartridge and bearing for smooth performance. Quad spray for cooling. With just 70dB noise, this handpiece allows dentists to prep cavities, crowns, orthodontics and more with optimal torque and control. Autoclavable design. Our advanced high speed handpiece delivers the power and reliability that dental professionals demand. Free Delivery.

3D Intraoral Scanner-Digital Impression Solution

The 3D Intraoral Scanner uses single-frame structured light scanning to capture ultra-accurate digital impressions. With high precision and intelligent defogging, this handheld scanner minimizes patient discomfort while streamlining dental workflows. Its lightweight, ergonomic handpiece and autoclavable tips ensure efficient, comfortable intraoral scanning for implants, crowns, bridges, and more. Bring your practice into the digital dentistry era with our professional-grade 3D intraoral scanners—contact us today to learn about easy software installation, training, and our competitive pricing.

3D Obturator Handpiece Filling System

The Obtura 3D is an innovative wireless electric obturator handpiece for thermoplasticized gutta percha root canal filling. It allows smooth extrusion for dense, bubble-free canal filling. With adjustable heating, lithium battery, and auto-cleaning, it's an effective gutta percha filling system for endodontic procedures. Free shipping.

VersaCut – Advanced Saw Handpieces for Precision Dental Cutting

The versatal-cut multi-function dental saw handpiece features specialized saw attachments and variable settings to provide accurate, efficient cutting. Electric saw handpieces smoothly section teeth, bone, implants, crowns, and more. Ideal for dental sawing procedures. Free shipping.

Giroform Model System Dental Plates

Fit Amann girrbach pindex dental system; 3 parts:preminium,secondary,quarter; Free delivery.

Disposable Articulator Mounting Plates For Artex

Disposable articulator mounting plates; Fit for Artex dental system; 100Pcs minimum (shipping weight 3.5 kg); Free DHL Delivery.

Dental Prophy Cup

wholesale price of dental prophy cup for sale online; 100pcs/box; Free Delivery.

Acrylic Dental Lab Burs Kit

Zirconia ceramic acrylic dental lab burs wholesale online; Minimum 10pc; best price,Free delivery.

Lab Dental Mounted Stones

Buy Lab Dental Mounted Stones online shop; 100pc/box; 2 box minimum,free delivery.

Denture Adjustment Polishers

The wholesale price of denture adjustment polishers online; Grits in coarse, middle, fine; 100pcs per box, free shipping.