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 45° Contra-angle Handpiece

45° contra-angle handpiece for sale online; Drive speed ratio 1:5; Optical fiber light, Push-button; Free shipping.

 Endo Handpiece For Apex Locator

Endo Handpiece For Apex Locator for sale online; Contra angle endo attachment, ratio: 16:1, push button; Free shipping.

1:1 Contra-angle Handpiece

1:1 Contra-angle Handpiece For Sale Online, Inner water with optical fiber design, Options: inner and external water spray, push button, and screw type. Free Delivery.

20:1 Reduction Contra Angle Handpiece

Surgical Contra Angle Handpiece; 20:1 speed reduction surgical handpiece. Fiber optic, inner water and external water spray options. Free shipping. Free Delivery.

3 Way Syringe Dental

3 way syringe dental product for sale online; 2Pcs Minimum, free delivery.

4:1 Contra-angle Hand piece

Speed 4:1 contra-angle hand piece for sale online; Push-button, Fiber optical light; Free shipping.

Air Abrasion Handpiece

Air abrasion handpiece dental unit for sale online, standard 2 and 4 holes, NSK PTL, Kavo coupling system optional available, free shipping.

Air Scaler Handpiece Sonic

Best Performance of Sonic Air Scaler Handpiece In Dentistry Scaling
  • KaVo LED MULTIFlex LUX Coupling compatibility
  • Free shipping

Air Turbine Handpiece Anti Retraction

4 Holes Push button air turbine handpiece, anti-retraction for sale online; 45° angled, mini, standard, torque head options; Free shipping.

Alginate Centrifuge Machine

Smart And Automated Alginate Centrifuge Machine For Dental Office And Laboratory. Application: It is designed for centrifugation and adopted for vibration and rotation of the dental alginate impression materials in accordance with the measurement of powder/water and the mixing time setting recommended. Shipping weight: 20 Kg.

All-in-one dental implant kit

All-in-one dental implant kit tools for sale online; Manual and machine use universal implant prosthetic kit available to choose from; Free delivery.

Apex Locator

Endodontic Dental Apex Locator For Sale Online; 6 Smart modes, With LED light, Ultra-quiet handpiece; Free DHL Delivery.

Dentist Supplies

We provide reliable and efficient dentist supplies of all necessary dental laboratory or dental clinics tools. You can select the best suitable required equipment for your lab. We believe in providing high-quality products while prioritizing the needs of our customers. We offer a wide range of dentist supplies at very reasonable prices. Likewise, we carry a large collection of dental burs and hand pieces, as well as important hand instruments.