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64:1 Reduction CA Handpiece – Enhanced Control & Visibility for Root Canals

Achieve superior root canal outcomes with this 64:1 Reduction CA Handpiece. Featuring a small head, precise water spray, and optional fiber optic illumination, it offers exceptional control, visibility, and efficiency. Free shipping.

Endo-NiTi Handpiece 128:1 – Advanced Root Canal Preparation Instrument

Discover the Endo-NiTi Handpiece 128:1, the premium tool for endodontic efficiency and precision. Featuring a 128:1 gear ratio, small head for superior access, and compatibility with Ni-Ti files. Enhanced with a push-button chuck, fiber optic light options, and autoclavability, it's the perfect addition to any dental practice focused on modern, effective treatments. Free shipping.

Dentist Articulator with Customizable Occlusion Adjustments Settings

Premium laboratory or dentist articulator is a high-precision device designed to replicate the natural movements of the jaw and aid in the accurate determination of occlusion relations. Compatible with Artex-Mounting Systems. Featuring Occlusion Relationship Analysis capabilities and a sleek design. Upgrade your dental office or laboratory today. Free shipping.

DentAlginate – Premium Dental Alginate Impression Material

DentAlginate is a high-quality dental alginate impression material designed for precise and detailed capture of oral structures. Available in strawberry and mint pleasant scents and color-changing formulas, this single-use hydrocolloid material sets quickly for efficient impression taking in dental offices and laboratories. Packaged in convenient 500g/bag, 20bags per carton, DentAlginate delivers reliable, accurate impressions to support fabrication of dental prosthetics and restorations. Contact us for the wholesale prices delivered by vessel.

Smooth Glide Path Endo Files

  • Smooth Glide
  • Predictable Path
  • MaxTech Alloy
  • Cyclic Fatigue
  • Cross-section Technology
  • Canal Shaping
  • Coronal Third
  • Debris Removal
  • Cutting Efficiency
  • 3Pcs per pack.

Precise Dental Amalgam Carriers – Easy Cavity Placement & Condensation

Our dental amalgam carriers allow for simple, mess-free placement and condensation of amalgam fillings into tooth cavities and preparations. With a tapered, angled tip, these carriers can reach deep into small crevices to accurately deliver amalgam material. Free shipping.

Dental Pro Vacuum Pump-Powered 2-4 Chairs

The Dental Pro vacuum pump delivers quiet, powerful suction for up to 4 dental chairs. Advanced water circulation and variable frequency control create smooth, ultra-quiet operation. With 1.0KW of power generating -0.080 max vacuum pressure, this pump efficiently removes debris. Experience reliable, low-noise operation to improve dental office workflow. Attention: For secure delivery of your dental vacuum pump order, we use Vessel DDP (delivered duty paid) + FedEx Ground. This allows us to deliver large dental equipment directly to your doorstep without you having to worry about customs clearance.

Next Endo Rotary Files: Advanced Curved Canal Shaping for Precision Endodontics

Enhance endodontic precision with Next Endo Rotary Files – designed for strength and flexibility. Ideal for severely curved canals, choose from 21mm, 25mm, or 31mm lengths and three taper options. Elevate your practice with our M-wire NiTi alloy files. Packing: 3pcs per pack. Free shipping.

9Pcs Dental Examination and Surgery Tools

This set includes an Examination Mirror, Forceps, Handle, Micro Shear, Micro Tweezers, Lip Hook, and Excavator and is made from durable stainless steel. Perfect for general dentistry and specialty procedures, get your own set today and make your job easier. Free shipping.

Maxillary Sinus Lift Osteotomy and Grafting Instrument Sets

Maxillary Sinus Lift Osteotomy and Grafting Instrument Sets offers specially designed drills, retractors, and depth guides for safe and simple access to the maxillary sinus for sinus lift procedures. Reliable instrumentation for lateral and crestal approach sinus augmentation prior to dental implant placement. Free shipping.

3D Intraoral Scanner-Digital Impression Solution

The 3D Intraoral Scanner uses single-frame structured light scanning to capture ultra-accurate digital impressions. With high precision and intelligent defogging, this handheld scanner minimizes patient discomfort while streamlining dental workflows. Its lightweight, ergonomic handpiece and autoclavable tips ensure efficient, comfortable intraoral scanning for implants, crowns, bridges, and more. Bring your practice into the digital dentistry era with our professional-grade 3D intraoral scanners—contact us today to learn about easy software installation, training, and our competitive pricing.

Implant Tissue Punch Kit

Dental Implant Tissue Punch Kit - Precisely Create Access Openings for Dental Implants with Minimal Trauma to Surrounding Tissue. This 4-Piece Kit Includes 3.2mm, 4.2mm, 5.2mm, and 6.0mm Tissue Punch Tools for Accurate Implant Placement. Free shipping.

Dentist Supplies

We provide reliable and efficient dentist supplies of all necessary dental laboratory or dental clinics tools. You can select the best suitable required equipment for your lab. We believe in providing high-quality products while prioritizing the needs of our customers. We offer a wide range of dentist supplies at very reasonable prices. Likewise, we carry a large collection of dental burs and hand pieces, as well as important hand instruments.