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Dry Model Trimmer with Built-In Dust Collector for Dental Laboratories

Discover the water-free dry model trimmer, designed for superior precision in dental laboratories. This robust 990W trimmer comes with a built-in dust collector and a dry operation feature to maintain model integrity. Compact and powerful, it includes 50 abrasive discs and a simple dust disposal system.
Perfect for clean, precise dental model preparation without the mess. Shipping weight: 32Kg, DHL/FedEx delivery.

Flexible Denture Injection System for Invisible Dental Molding and Casting

Original price was: $1,200.00.Current price is: $789.00.
Elevate your dental lab's efficiency with our Flexible Denture Injection System. This state-of-the-art equipment combines a pressure casting machine and automatic temperature control, enabling precise and consistent molding of invisible dentures. With features like automatic temperature regulation, temperature maintenance, and timed alerts, this system streamlines the entire process, ensuring reliable and high-quality results every time. Designed for dental professionals, this system is a must-have for any laboratory specializing in invisible denture production. Shipping weight: 34Kg, DHL/FedEx delivery.

Dental Alloy Precision Casting Machine-Water Cool

Original price was: $6,400.00.Current price is: $5,819.00.
It is a high-frequency water-cooled casting machine suitable for dental lab metal restoration applications. It can precisely melt and cast a variety of dental alloys including cobalt-chromium, nickel-chromium, gold, and other medium-melting alloys. The machine features fast melting speed, large capacity, simple operation, making it an efficient and reliable solution for dental casting needs. Due to the large dimensions and heavyweight of the dental alloy precision casting equipment, we recommend that you contact our sales team to negotiate the proper delivery method along with special price, which may include options such as vessel or airplane transportation.

Professional Dental Laboratory Electrolytic Polishing Machine

Original price was: $786.00.Current price is: $549.00.
Elevate your dental laboratory's metal polishing capabilities with our cutting-edge electrolytic polishing machine. Designed for uniform electrolysis and high-luster results, this equipment offers customizable settings and the ability to process multiple metal frames simultaneously. Enhance the aesthetic appeal restorations while streamlining your workflow with our innovative, user-friendly dental laboratory electrolytic polishing machine. FedEx/DHL delivery.

Acrylic Resin Aluminum Tube Heater for Dental Labs

Original price was: $953.00.Current price is: $846.00.
Designed for precise temperature control up to 350°C, this versatile heater is ideal for denture processing, and heating aluminum tubes for invisible acrylic injection machines. With multi-chamber capacity, even heating, and compatibility with most denture machines, this efficient and reliable heater streamlines your workflow while ensuring optimal results.  

Powerful and Safe Steam Cleaning for Your Dental Lab

Original price was: $938.00.Current price is: $828.00.
Effortlessly clean your dental lab equipment with the AutoSteam! This automatic steam cleaner features a large capacity tank, built-in water pump, and automatic safety features. Eliminate dirt and grime for a sparkling clean work environment. Shipping weight 22Kg.

Water Jet Laboratory Handpiece for Dental Prostheses Adjustment

Original price was: $1,000.00.Current price is: $834.00.
Upgrade your dental laboratory with our high-speed handpiece for adjusting crowns, bridges, and other prostheses. With the option for auto or foot control, users can achieve precise and optimal results every time. Allowing user to adjust and control the compressed air and water jet on laboratory handpiece. DHL/FedEx shipping.

Silent Dental Laboratory Water Filtration Vacuum

Original price was: $2,600.00.Current price is: $1,706.00.
Discover the cutting-edge Silent Dental Lab Vacuum – a 1500W powerhouse with water filtration for debris-free precision. Our compact and durable design ensures a quiet and efficient workspace. Elevate your dental laboratory experience with powerful suction, versatile modes, and stainless steel reliability

Dental Pro Vacuum Pump-Powered 2-4 Chairs

Original price was: $2,200.00.Current price is: $1,880.00.
The Dental Pro vacuum pump delivers quiet, powerful suction for up to 4 dental chairs. Advanced water circulation and variable frequency control create smooth, ultra-quiet operation. With 1.0KW of power generating -0.080 max vacuum pressure, this pump efficiently removes debris. Experience reliable, low-noise operation to improve dental office workflow. Attention: For secure delivery of your dental vacuum pump order, we use Vessel DDP (delivered duty paid) + FedEx Ground. This allows us to deliver large dental equipment directly to your doorstep without you having to worry about customs clearance.

HydroWeld Welder For Dental Lab

Original price was: $1,400.00.Current price is: $1,138.00.
The HydroWeld Welder generates localized heat to precision weld dental prosthetics like crowns, bridges, and partial dentures without distortion. Adjustable 120A current & 5V voltage settings. On-demand hydrogen peroxide gas system. Portable at 32kg with smooth casters. Upgrade your dental lab welding workflow. DHL/FedEx delivery.

Dry Plaster Trimmer Optimizes Your Lab Workflow

The dry plaster trimmer efficiently shapes dental models with no mess or delays. High rotation speed, strong vacuum suction connected port avaiable, and built-in dust collection drawer allow for precise, dry trimming. Eliminates model drying time, equipment corrosion, and visibility issues of wet trimmers. Compact size, quiet operation, and 50pcs replacement discs optimize lab workflow. The dry model trimmer brings accuracy, lower maintenance, and convenience to your plaster trimming. Packing inf0: 32x31.5x61cm, Weight: 17.8Kg FedEx/DHL delivery. Operation proceedure:
1. Connect the dust collector and adjust the vacuum to a medium level. 2. Place the absorbent sand disc onto the trimmer. 3. Prepare the plaster model. 4. Plug in the electricity. The sand disc is easy to absorb and disassemble, making the dry trimming efficiently.

1.5M Dental Lab Workbench for One Technician

This 1.5M dental lab workbench provides an efficient workspace for technicians. Features a lamp or magnifier option, stainless steel construction, armrests, air gun, dust collection, and storage space for crowns, bridges, dentures, grinding, polishing, wax carving, casting, sandblasting, cleaning, sterilizing, x-rays, and more. Please contact our sales team for customization options and quotes on this large dimension, heavy-weight product. Provide your nearbly sea port name and our sales representatives will supply a quotation for FOB port or, DDP Doorstep Delivery provides a streamlined process without import custom clearance procedures and delivers the product straight to the purchaser's doorstep.

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