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CERATEC Pro Dental Lab Universal Stain & Glaze Kit for Zirconia and Porcelain Restorations

Discover the CERATEC Pro Dental Lab Universal Stain & Glaze Kit: your ultimate solution for enhancing zirconia and metal fused porcelain dental restorations. With 16 vibrant stain options and high-quality glaze components, achieve unparalleled natural-looking results effortlessly. Perfect for dental laboratories aiming for excellence in dental aesthetics.  

Zirconia Restoration Tooth Enamel Porcelain Powder – Transparent

Achieve natural-looking zirconia restorations with our Tooth Enamel Porcelain Powder, available in half-translucent and translucent shades. Packed in 50g bottles, this high-quality powder provides excellent color stability and consistency. CE certified for safety and quality. FedEx/DHL delivery.

Zirconia Pro Aesthetic Glaze Paste

Elevate your dental lab's zirconia restorations with Zirconia Pro Aesthetic Glaze Paste. Achieve natural translucency, enhanced durability, and a smooth, plaque-resistant surface. CE certified, biocompatible, and perfectly packed in an 8g bottle for dental professionals seeking the highest quality. FedEx/DHL delivery.

Zirconia Dentin Porcelain Powder – VITA 16 Colors

Achieve highly aesthetic and durable zirconia restorations with our zirconia dental dentin porcelain powder. Available in VITA 16 colors and CE certified for safety and quality. Packaged in convenient 50g bottles for dental laboratories. Get a great price on our zirconia dentin porcelain powder with a minimum order of 10 bottles. Contact us now!

AestheticPro Zirconia Glaze Kit – Professional Dental Lab Solution

Upgrade your dental lab with the AestheticPro Zirconia Glaze Kit, featuring high-quality glaze liquid and powder for naturally beautiful and durable zirconia restorations. CE certified for reliable, professional results. Wholesale price needed? contact us to negotiate it. FedEx shipping.

Sirona Dental Zirconia Blocks

Shop Sirona Dental Zirconia Blocks Wholesale Online; Shade: white and multilayer pre-shaded options; Super translucent at 43%, and has high bending strength over 1000Mpa; 5 pc minimum, DHL Delivery.

White ST Amann Girrbach Dental Zirconia Disc

White color Amann Girrbach Dental Zirconia Disc Wholesale Prices Online, Strong strength >>1200mpa, 43% translucency, Minimum 5Pc, DHL Delivery.

White ST CAD CAM Dental Zirconia Block

White color for Open dental milling system; CAD-CAM Dental Zirconia Block Wholesale Prices Online; Bending strength:1200mpa; Translucency 43%; Minimum 5Pc, DHL Delivery.

White ST Zirkonzahn Dental Zirconia Blank

White color for zirkonzahn dental milling system, Zirkonzahn Dental Zirconia Blank Wholesale Prices Online, Strong bending strength:1000mpa, translucency: 43% , Minimum 5Pc, DHL Delivery.