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Brushless Dental Lab Micromotor

Brushless Dental Lab Micromotor; Speed range: 0-5,000 R.P.M; Free delivery.

Dental Laboratory Handpiece-Marathon H37L1

Dental Laboratory Handpiece-Marathon H37L1; Original south korea made; Free delivery.

E-type Motor Dental

E-type motor dental best deal online. Speed adjustable by footstep:2000-40,000rpm, and LED display, Rotation speed powerful, consistent with brushless motor, Idea for dental technician better prosthesis polishing and finishing.

Marathon Champion Micromotor Dental

Marathon Champion Micromotor Dental; Original South korea made; Free delivery.

Marathon dental E generator

Marathon dental E generator For Micro Motor; Original South korea made; Free delivery.

Marathon Micromotor N3 Dental

Marathon Micromotor N3 Dental Equipment; Original South korea made; Free delivery.

Micromotor Strong 90

Strong 90 Micromotor The Micromotor Strong 90 and Master Surgical handpiece with speed regulator works with minimal operating noise. Its

Portable Brushless Micromotor Dentist

Portable Brushless Micromotor for dentist surgical treatment. LED Light, applied to speed 1:5, 4:1, 16:1, 20:1 etc. dental hand piece. Speed adjustable: 2000-40,000rpm. Torque: 3.4Ncm Noise:<<60dB. International standard E-type connector. Free shipping.  

Strong 204 Micromotor Dental

strong 204 micromotor dental equipment; Original south korea made; Free delivery.

Dental Micro Motor

Dental micro motor with perfect working capability ensures flawless and error-free dental manufacturing. The micromotor is equally useful for cutting and finishing dental prostheses. We have a huge stock of high-quality dental micro motors with an electrically powered system. The superb quality ensured a long shelf life and effective functioning.