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Advanced Dental Motor and Handpiece System-Custom Setting On Speed Ratio, Direction

Upgrade your dental office with the advanced brushless motor and fiber optic handpiece system.Customizable speed ratios and memory settings combined with a lightweight, low noise handpiece for precision cutting in endodontics, crown prep, and extraction.Complete set: Brushless LCD touch control motor + 1:5 increasing speed fiber optic hand-piece.Free DHL/FedEx shipping.

Brushless Dental Lab Micromotor

Brushless Dental Lab Micromotor;Speed range: 0-5,000 R.P.M;Free delivery.

Dental Laboratory Handpiece-Marathon H37L1

Dental Laboratory Handpiece-Marathon H37L1;Original south korea made;Free delivery.

Dental Motor with Brushless Technology | Enhance Your Dental Practice

Enhance your dental practice with our advanced dental motor equipped with brushless technology.This innovative motor offers stability, reliability, and precise control for a variety of dental procedures. With a digital display and adjustable speed rotation, you can easily customize the motor's performance to meet specific patient needs.Shipping weight: 5 Kg.DHL/FedEx delivery.

Die Dental Mill & Surveying Pro

Elevate your dental workflow with dental mill Pro, the advanced milling tool that combines power, adjustability, and user-friendly features to enhance efficiency and deliver exceptional quality restorations.MIlling R.P.M: 0-60,000.DHL/FedEx delivery.

E-type Motor Dental

E-type motor dental best deal online.Speed adjustable by footstep:2000-40,000rpm, and LED display,Rotation speed powerful, consistent with brushless motor,Idea for dental technician better prosthesis polishing and finishing.

Electric Handpieces Motor

Discover the electric handpieces with brushless electric motor - revolutionize your dental practice with superior precision, efficiency, and patient comfort.Upgrade your dental equipment and enhance your performance today.Free shipping.

Implantology Motor

Our motorized implant driver ensures consistent and smooth operation, surpassing air turbine-driven devices.Straight implantology handpiece adjustable speed control from 2,000 to 40,000rpm, coupled with enhanced visibility and cooling through inner water supply and LED light.Choose from versatile handpiece options for personalized dental practice needs.Elevate your surgical precision today.Free shipping.

Marathon Champion Micromotor Dental

Marathon Champion Micromotor Dental;Original South korea made;Free delivery.

Marathon dental E generator

Marathon dental E generator For Micro Motor;Original South korea made;Free delivery.

Marathon Micromotor N3 Dental

Marathon Micromotor N3 Dental Equipment;Original South korea made;Free delivery.

Micromotor Strong 90

Strong 90 Micromotor The Micromotor Strong 90 and Master Surgical handpiece with speed regulator works with minimal operating noise. Its

Dental Micro Motor

Dental micro motor with perfect working capability ensures flawless and error-free dental manufacturing. The micromotor is equally useful for cutting and finishing dental prostheses. We have a huge stock of high-quality dental micro motors with an electrically powered system. The superb quality ensured a long shelf life and effective functioning.