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Dental Lab Firing Paste – Secure Dental Restorations During Sintering

Our dental lab firing paste is a specially formulated adhesive material designed for use in dental labs during the sintering process. It forms a secure bond between dental prostheses and firing pins, preventing movement or damage during high-temperature firing. Easy to use and clean, this paste is a must-have for any dental lab. Free shipping.

Dental Lab Hemostats – Precision for Dental Prosthetics Fabrication

Discover our precision-crafted stainless steel hemostats designed for dental lab applications. Perfect for handling and manipulating materials during dental prosthetics fabrication, these hemostats feature serrated tips and locking mechanisms for secure grip. Free shipping.

Lockable Denture Organizer Box for Dental Lab

Keep dentures & restorations safe & organized! Odor-resistant, stackable denture organizer box with compartments for crowns & bridges. Ideal for dental labs. Free shipping.

High Strength Dental Gypsum Materials: Type III and Type IV

Precision dental gypsum materials for labs. Type III & IV artificial stones offer high strength, low expansion for accurate models, casts & restorations. Easy to mix & pour. Contact us to get free sample today, and ready to order in bulk quantity in future.  

GC Pink Dental Finishing Wax Strips – Achieve Perfect Denture Margins

Effortlessly refine denture margins with our pink dental finishing wax strips. Exceptional flow and plasticity ensure a precise fit and natural transitions for optimal patient comfort. Ideal for dental labs and technicians. 120g per box.

Dental Lab Resin Sheet: Create Custom Individual Trays with Ease

Dental labs: Discover the advantages of our light-cure resin sheets for custom trays. Enjoy improved visibility, reduced grinding, and a more pleasant working experience. Odorless, non-sticky, and easy to handle, ensuring precise and efficient results with our dental lab resin sheet. Free shipping.

Dental Firing Pad – Sintered Mat for Porcelain & Zirconia

Ensure perfect firing results with our dental firing pads. These sintered mats provide a stable & even heating surface for porcelain, zirconia & other dental ceramics. Reusable & high-temp resistant. Packing: 10pcs/bag. Free shipping.

EX Super Hard Synthetic Resin Dental Teeth – Universal Sizes for Durable Prosthetics

Discover the durable and natural-looking EX Super Hard Synthetic Resin Dental Teeth, available in the most commonly used sizes like M28, M30, and M32. These versatile teeth are designed for long-lasting performance in a variety of dental prosthetic applications, from dentures to bridges. Crafted with advanced materials, they offer exceptional esthetics and easy handling for dental laboratories. Original: Made in japan. Packing: 28x1 per box, free shipping.

CERATEC Pro Dental Lab Universal Stain & Glaze Kit for Zirconia and Porcelain Restorations

Discover the CERATEC Pro Dental Lab Universal Stain & Glaze Kit: your ultimate solution for enhancing zirconia and metal fused porcelain dental restorations. With 16 vibrant stain options and high-quality glaze components, achieve unparalleled natural-looking results effortlessly. Perfect for dental laboratories aiming for excellence in dental aesthetics.  

GC Nano Composite Resin for Dental Laboratory Restorations

Our cutting-edge GC Nano Composite Resin is perfect for dental lab polymer porcelain restorations. Achieve natural aesthetics and durability with GC tooth-colored fillings, veneers, and crowns. Free shipping.

Metal-Porcelain Restoration Solution on Enamel Incisal Edge

Enhance the beauty of smiles with our metal-porcelain restoration solution, tailored to perfectly replicate the incisal edge of natural enamel. This product, available in semi-translucent and translucent options, comes in a 50g bottle and is CE certified for dental laboratory applications. For wholesale orders of 10 or more pieces, please contact us for special pricing. Free shipping.

Zirconia Restoration Tooth Enamel Porcelain Powder – Transparent

Achieve natural-looking zirconia restorations with our Tooth Enamel Porcelain Powder, available in half-translucent and translucent shades. Packed in 50g bottles, this high-quality powder provides excellent color stability and consistency. CE certified for safety and quality. FedEx/DHL delivery.

Dental Technician Tools

The premium quality dental technician tools achieve precision and provide efficient dental construction. All dental tools are processed with considerable caution and stored in optimal conditions to ensure long shelf life. We have a wide range of dental technician tools; you may choose the appropriate tool for your laboratory while staying within your budget.