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 Dental Dowel Pins With Spike For Dentures Fabrication

Dental lab dowel pins with spike design; Three type of head type; For implant denture fabrication; 1000pc/bag; Free delivery.

 Dental Lab Base Formers Plate

Dental Lab Base Formers Wholesale Prices Online; With stainless steel magnetic sheet; Big and small size; 20pc minimum quantity, Free delivery.

Acrylic Dental Lab Burs Kit

Zirconia ceramic acrylic dental lab burs wholesale online; Minimum 10pc; best price,Free delivery.

Acrylic Resin Denture Material

Acrylic Resin Denture Material Wholesale prices online, Color: K2, 1000g/pack, Free delivery.

Amann Girrbach Plates

Fit Amann girrbach giroform model system; 3 Model type; Premimium and secondary plates; Free delivery.

Arch Trimmer Burs

These arch trimmer burs are ideal for use in dental laboratories for technicians who needs to trim and shape dental arches and plaster models. The burs come in three different sizes, giving dental professionals the flexibility to choose the best option for their specific needs. Made of durable carbide material, dental lab technician can experience precise and efficient arch trimming, making it an essential tool in any laboratory. Free shipping.

Articulating Paper

Our articulating paper is made from high-quality materials that provide accurate and reliable occlusal analysis, ensuring precise adjustments for improved functionality and patient comfort. With our articulating paper, dental technicians can assess the fit and occlusion of dental restorations, dentures, and prosthetic components, ensuring proper alignment and distribution of biting forces for optimal functionality. Packing: 300pcs per box, size:55x18 mm. Free shipping.

Articulator Occlusal Plane Support Stand

Boost your dental prosthetics fabrication with our Multi-functional occlusal plane support stand. Featuring adjustable height, a magnetic base, and universal compatibility, this easy-to-use stand enhances precision and efficiency in dental laboratories. Free shipping.

Baseplate Wax Dental Laboratory

Get precise results every time with our dental baseplate wax, crafted from superior ingredient materials for optimal performance. Create a comfortable fit for your patients with our dental base wax plates, allowing for precise and secure dental work. Net weight: 500g/box. FedEx/DHL shipping.

Bite Memory Dental Impression Tips

Dental impress tips for bite memory; 50pc/bag,4bag miniumum quantity; Free delivery.

Bite Registration Rim Wax Spatula

Craft precise full mouth suction dentures with our high-quality bite registration rim wax spatula. Our ergonomic design and sharp blade enable effortless wax shaping, ensuring exceptional fit and patient satisfaction. Upgrade your dental lab tools today for efficient denture fabrication! Minimum 3pcs , and free shipping.

Carbide Burs Dental Lab

Carbide burs dental lab wholesale online
  • HP Shank, super coarse
  • Application of plaster arch, acrylic, metal, etc
  • Free shipping.

Dental Technician Tools

The premium quality dental technician tools achieve precision and provide efficient dental construction. All dental tools are processed with considerable caution and stored in optimal conditions to ensure long shelf life. We have a wide range of dental technician tools; you may choose the appropriate tool for your laboratory while staying within your budget.