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Dental Alloy Precision Casting Machine-Water Cool

It is a high-frequency water-cooled casting machine suitable for dental lab metal restoration applications. It can precisely melt and cast a variety of dental alloys including cobalt-chromium, nickel-chromium, gold, and other medium-melting alloys. The machine features fast melting speed, large capacity, simple operation, making it an efficient and reliable solution for dental casting needs. Due to the large dimensions and heavyweight of the dental alloy precision casting equipment, we recommend that you contact our sales team to negotiate the proper delivery method along with special price, which may include options such as vessel or airplane transportation.

CERATEC Pro Dental Lab Universal Stain & Glaze Kit for Zirconia and Porcelain Restorations

Discover the CERATEC Pro Dental Lab Universal Stain & Glaze Kit: your ultimate solution for enhancing zirconia and metal fused porcelain dental restorations. With 16 vibrant stain options and high-quality glaze components, achieve unparalleled natural-looking results effortlessly. Perfect for dental laboratories aiming for excellence in dental aesthetics.  

GC Nano Composite Resin for Dental Laboratory Restorations

Our cutting-edge GC Nano Composite Resin is perfect for dental lab polymer porcelain restorations. Achieve natural aesthetics and durability with GC tooth-colored fillings, veneers, and crowns. Free shipping.

64:1 Reduction CA Handpiece – Enhanced Control & Visibility for Root Canals

Achieve superior root canal outcomes with this 64:1 Reduction CA Handpiece. Featuring a small head, precise water spray, and optional fiber optic illumination, it offers exceptional control, visibility, and efficiency. Free shipping.

Endo-NiTi Handpiece 128:1 – Advanced Root Canal Preparation Instrument

Discover the Endo-NiTi Handpiece 128:1, the premium tool for endodontic efficiency and precision. Featuring a 128:1 gear ratio, small head for superior access, and compatibility with Ni-Ti files. Enhanced with a push-button chuck, fiber optic light options, and autoclavability, it's the perfect addition to any dental practice focused on modern, effective treatments. Free shipping.

Metal-Porcelain Restoration Solution on Enamel Incisal Edge

Enhance the beauty of smiles with our metal-porcelain restoration solution, tailored to perfectly replicate the incisal edge of natural enamel. This product, available in semi-translucent and translucent options, comes in a 50g bottle and is CE certified for dental laboratory applications. For wholesale orders of 10 or more pieces, please contact us for special pricing. Free shipping.

Zirconia Restoration Tooth Enamel Porcelain Powder – Transparent

Achieve natural-looking zirconia restorations with our Tooth Enamel Porcelain Powder, available in half-translucent and translucent shades. Packed in 50g bottles, this high-quality powder provides excellent color stability and consistency. CE certified for safety and quality. FedEx/DHL delivery.

Opaque Porcelain Powder for Metal Porcelain

Enhance your dental restorations with our Opaque Porcelain Powder for Metal Porcelain. Available in VITA 16 shade, this CE certified product includes 50g of powder and 100ml of liquid, perfect for creating opaque base layers in dental laboratories. Achieve natural-looking results with this high-quality dental material. Get a great price on our opaque porcelain powder with a minimum order of 10 bottles. Contact us now!

Dental Metal Ceramic Bonding Agent Kit

Improve the bonding strength between metal and porcelain in dental restorations with our dental metal ceramic bonding agent kit. Kit includes 50g bonding agent and 20ml liquid. Ideal for preventing porcelain fracture and chipping in metal ceramic restorations. Free shipping.

Zirconia Pro Aesthetic Glaze Paste

Elevate your dental lab's zirconia restorations with Zirconia Pro Aesthetic Glaze Paste. Achieve natural translucency, enhanced durability, and a smooth, plaque-resistant surface. CE certified, biocompatible, and perfectly packed in an 8g bottle for dental professionals seeking the highest quality. FedEx/DHL delivery.

VITA Aesthetic MFP Crowns – Precision-Crafted Metal Fused Porcelain for Superior Dental Restorations

Experience the blend of strength and aesthetics with VITA Aesthetic MFP Crowns. Our metal fused to porcelain dental restorations offer a perfect balance of durability and natural beauty, utilizing premium VITA 16 color options for a seamless match. CE-certified for quality assurance, these PFM crowns are the go-to choice for dental professionals seeking reliable, long-lasting solutions. Choose VITA Aesthetic MFP(Metal Fused Porcelain) for a superior patient experience: Opition VITA 16, 50g per bottle. Get a great price on our MFP powder with a minimum order of 10 bottles. Contact us now!

Premium Metal Porcelain Glaze Kit for Dental Laboratories

Elevate your dental lab's restorations with Pro Metal Porcelain Glaze Kit. The kit brings you natural, long-lasting metal porcelain designs. Maximize your dental lab's potential with the Pro Glaze Kit: Order in bulk and experience the difference in quality and price, contact us today to get the wholesale price! Free shipping.