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Gr2 Titanium Casting Alloy for Dental Lab – High-Purity for Durable Restorations

Gr2 titanium casting alloy for dental labs: High-purity titanium alloy for precision casting of dental prosthetics, crowns, bridges, partial dentures, and implants. Excellent biocompatibility, corrosion resistance, and smooth surface finish for durable and natural-looking restorations. Packing: 1000g/bag. Free FedEx/DHL delivery.  

Dental Alloy Precision Casting Machine-Water Cool

It is a high-frequency water-cooled casting machine suitable for dental lab metal restoration applications. It can precisely melt and cast a variety of dental alloys including cobalt-chromium, nickel-chromium, gold, and other medium-melting alloys. The machine features fast melting speed, large capacity, simple operation, making it an efficient and reliable solution for dental casting needs. Due to the large dimensions and heavyweight of the dental alloy precision casting equipment, we recommend that you contact our sales team to negotiate the proper delivery method along with special price, which may include options such as vessel or airplane transportation.

Metal-Porcelain Restoration Solution on Enamel Incisal Edge

Enhance the beauty of smiles with our metal-porcelain restoration solution, tailored to perfectly replicate the incisal edge of natural enamel. This product, available in semi-translucent and translucent options, comes in a 50g bottle and is CE certified for dental laboratory applications. For wholesale orders of 10 or more pieces, please contact us for special pricing. Free shipping.

Opaque Porcelain Powder for Metal Porcelain

Enhance your dental restorations with our Opaque Porcelain Powder for Metal Porcelain. Available in VITA 16 shade, this CE certified product includes 50g of powder and 100ml of liquid, perfect for creating opaque base layers in dental laboratories. Achieve natural-looking results with this high-quality dental material. Get a great price on our opaque porcelain powder with a minimum order of 10 bottles. Contact us now!

Dental Metal Ceramic Bonding Agent Kit

Improve the bonding strength between metal and porcelain in dental restorations with our dental metal ceramic bonding agent kit. Kit includes 50g bonding agent and 20ml liquid. Ideal for preventing porcelain fracture and chipping in metal ceramic restorations. Free shipping.

VITA Aesthetic MFP Crowns – Precision-Crafted Metal Fused Porcelain for Superior Dental Restorations

Experience the blend of strength and aesthetics with VITA Aesthetic MFP Crowns. Our metal fused to porcelain dental restorations offer a perfect balance of durability and natural beauty, utilizing premium VITA 16 color options for a seamless match. CE-certified for quality assurance, these PFM crowns are the go-to choice for dental professionals seeking reliable, long-lasting solutions. Choose VITA Aesthetic MFP(Metal Fused Porcelain) for a superior patient experience: Opition VITA 16, 50g per bottle. Get a great price on our MFP powder with a minimum order of 10 bottles. Contact us now!

Premium Metal Porcelain Glaze Kit for Dental Laboratories

Elevate your dental lab's restorations with Pro Metal Porcelain Glaze Kit. The kit brings you natural, long-lasting metal porcelain designs. Maximize your dental lab's potential with the Pro Glaze Kit: Order in bulk and experience the difference in quality and price, contact us today to get the wholesale price! Free shipping.

Carbide Burs For Imes Icore 250i Metal Milling

Durable ALNOVA tungsten carbide end mills with anti-corrosive coatings, specially designed for high speed milling of titanium, chrome cobalt & other dental alloys. Available in 1.5mm, 2.5mm & 3mm diameters to fit Imes Icore 250i machines. Free shipping.

zirkon zahn dental burs for metal

zirkon zahn dental burs for metal wholesale online; Application of titanium and cobalt chrome alloy; 10Pcs minimum, wholesale best prices, free delivery.

Arum Dental Milling Tools For Metal

Shop Online Arum Dental Milling Tools; For milling cobalt chrome and titanium cad cam dental blocks; 10Pcs minimum quantity, best wholesale prices, Free Delivery.

Imes Icore 350i Milling Burs For Titanium | Cobalt Chrome

Shop Imes Icore 350i Milling Burs Wholesale online; 4 shape for milling titanium and cobalt chrome restoration; 5pc minimum,Best price,Free delivery.

CAD CAM Titanium Dental Blank

CAD CAM Titanium Dental Blank; Diameter 98mm with steps; Grade 5 standard; For Open Dentistry CAD/CAM Milling System; Free Delivery.

Dental Alloy

Dental alloys are used in various applications, ranging from restorations (either permanent or temporary) to files, instruments, and burs for tooth modification or to guide tooth movement.

Premium quality dental alloy makes dental casting reliable and efficient. All the dental alloys are of high grade, withstand temperature changes and provide flawless milling. We have all essential dental alloys at reasonable prices and the necessary instruments used in casting or milling. You can buy all from one place without any worries.

What is a dental alloy?

The expert uses dental alloys for various restorations, copings and frames. Additionally, Each alloy can contain a variety of base, noble, and high-noble metals, which allows for different alloys to be used in different situations.

Bridges and full contour crowns are made from high-quality, noble and noble metals like gold and platinum. However, these metals may not be suitable for posterior crowns on a bruxing patient. The expert can use a more comprehensive range of alloys for casting copings and substructures for porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) restorations.

Coordinating the alloy with the ceramic systems used in a PFM restoration is crucial. Casting dental alloys requires specialized techniques due to melting different alloys at different temperatures. Ensure you follow the procedures that produce the best results in your lab.

What is the dental gold alloy used for?

Gold, gold alloys, and other precious metals have been extensively used as dental crowns, bridges and inlays. Elemental gold leaf is exceptionally soft and has been deployed on its own by forging or deforming the leaf on the surfaces of tooth structures as simple fillings.

What is dental casting alloy?

Dental Casting Alloys Casting is the most commonly used method for fabricating metal structures (inlays, crowns, partial denture frames, etc. outside the mouth. Four of the eight noble metals are of significant importance in dental casting alloys, i.e., gold, platinum, palladium, and silver.

Types of alloys in dentistry

Today’s base metal alloy systems most commonly used in dentistry include stainless steel, nickel-chromium, cobalt-chromium, titanium, and nickel-titanium alloys.