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Acrylic Dental Lab Burs Kit

Zirconia ceramic acrylic dental lab burs wholesale online; Minimum 10pc; best price,Free delivery.

Dental Dowel Pins With Brass Sleeve

Dental lab dowel pins with brass sleeve design; 1pc brass dowel pins and sleeve is per set; For dental lab implant model production; 1000 set/bag; Free delivery.

Dental Dowel Twin Pins

Dental Dowel Twin Pins Wholesale prices online; Dental lab pins,twin pins design; 500 set/bag; Free delivery.

Dental HP Carbide Burs Kit

Lab dental hp carbide burs kit wholesale online; Minimum 10pc; best price,Free delivery.

Dental Lab Brush-Brass

Dental lab polishing brush; Brass material made,flat design; Minimum 15pc,Free delivery.

Dental Lab Handpiece Burs

Micromotor dental lab handpiece burs kit wholesale; Taper,cross cut,spiral etc type miromotor dental burs carbide; Minimum 15pc; best price,Free delivery.

Dental Lab Polishing Tools

Wholesale Prices Of Dental Lab Polishing Tools wholesale online; 100pcs per bag; Free delivery.

Dental Lab Sandpaper Polishing Tool

Dental lab polishing sandpaper; grit sizes are 400#,600#,800#,1000#,1500#; Minimum 20pc,Free delivery.

Dental Mixing Bowls For Impression

Dental lab impression material mixing bowls; Food-standard rubber material made, non-plastic odor´╝Ť Dental mixing bowls life span: 10 year; Diameter 98mm; Minimum 5pc,Free delivery.

Dental Porcelain Brush Pen

Shop Dental Porcelain Brush Pen online; 7 piece per set; Best price; Free delivery.

Dental wax carving kit tools

Dental wax carving kit tools Instrument Kit; 10pc/set; 3 Set minimum,Free delivery.

Endodontic Dental Post

Shop Endodontic dental post wholesale online; 2 set minimum,Best price,Free delivery.