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Its advanced features, including customizable curing time and high-intensity light source, and comfortable gun-shape grip , make it the perfect companion for successful dental restorations.

Curing light working model:Standard, Strong, Pulse.

Experience superior performance and precision with our dental composite curing light.

Size: 220x160x65 mm, net weight: 255g,

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Dental composite curing light

Our curing light is the perfect tool for precise and efficient polymerization. Featuring three working models, adjustable curing time, an ergonomic gun-shaped handle, high battery capacity, and a powerful light source, it offers maximum control and flexibility in dental procedures.

Experience reliable and durable restorations with our superior curing light, designed to meet the demanding needs of modern dentistry.


  • Light Source: High power Blue Light 5W
  • Wavelength: 420nm~490nm
  • Strong intensity :1800-2200 mw/cm²
  • Standard/Pulse intensity : 1000~1200 mw/cm²

Control button operation:

control button operation

  1. Top button:
    • Long press: This button is used to turn the electricity of the curing light on or off. By pressing and holding the top button, you can easily toggle the power supply, ensuring convenient operation.
    • Short press: Pressing the top button briefly allows you to start or stop the current working model of the curing light. This quick press function provides immediate control over the curing process.
  2. M/T button:
    • Short press: The M/T button is designed for switching among standard, strong and pulse working models. By pressing this button once, you can easily alternate among these three modes, adapting to specific treatment requirements.
    • Long press: To change the curing light time, simply press and hold the M/T button. This extended press function allows you to adjust the duration of the curing process, providing flexibility and customization.

3 working models:

  • Strong Model: screen shows P1, press the button to select of time which could be 1s, 3s. Its output light intensity is about 1800-2200mw/cm².
  • Pulse Mode: screen shows P2, press the time button to select of time which could be 5s,10s, 15s, 20s,25s,30s. Its output light intensity is about 1000-1200mw/cm².
  • Standard Mode: screen shows P3, press the time button to select of time which could be 5s, 10s, 15s, 20s. 25s.30s. Its output light intensity is about 1000-1200mw/cm².

Product feature:

  1. Our composite curing light offers three working models: standard, strong, and plus intensity, allowing flexibility for different restoration materials.
  2. Customizable curing time options ensure precise polymerization of composites, bonding agents, sealants, and cement.
  3. The ergonomic gun-shaped design provides a comfortable grip for dental professionals during procedures.
  4. It is a rechargeable curing light with a high battery capacity for uninterrupted use.
  5. The light source is a high-power Blue Light (5W) with a wavelength of 420nm to 490nm.

Principle and Application

  • adopts the principle of ray radiation to solidify the light-sensitive resin by shooting at it in a short time.
  • This product is used for dentistry. It has the function of accelerating the material of dental restoration curing.
  •  LED curing light (dentistry) is mainly composed by LED, light hood, charging cradle, battery, adapter, main unit

dental curing light structure

Installation and Remounting

1. Aim the mounting holes which on the upper of machine, and make the long side of the top of the main unit inserted to it(must screw the top of the main unit to the end, don’t inclined inserted)

2. When the battery needs to be charged, connect the plug of the adapter into the AC100V-240V power supply. Then connect the output plug of the adapter to the DC 5V input plug of the pedestal, then put the main unit of composite curing light into the pedestal. Please pull out the adapter after charging.

Operation attention

1. When operating, aim the top of the main unit at the correct position, press the power button, a”Di’’ sound will appear, the LED shine the blue light and start to work under the selected mode Screen began to display the countdown time. When the countdown back to 0 the work finished. Then the screen will return to setting time.

2. While in operation, press the power switch button can stop work any time.

3. At the end of a working cycle, the next working cycle can be started immediately by short pressing the button. If the main unit gets hot, obviously, please turn off the device until the main unit becomes cool. Please don’make it continuously illuminates more than 10 times.

4. Low power detect circuit is fixed inside the main unit, when low power is detected, the battery symbol display LED flashing, please do not disassemble the Lithium battery, it will lead to the circuit short or the electrolyte leakage

5. Do not squeeze, shake and short the battery, do not store the battery with metal material.

6. The instrument has electromagnetic interference. Do not use around the electronic operation, at the same time have a strong electromagnetic interference environment should be careful to use the instrument.

7. It is forbidden to use when charging operation.

8. This product should be used by trained, qualified dentists And this product is suitable for dental patients. Must be use in hospital or professional medical site.

9. To avoid electromagnetic interference, the device should be installed at the medical site which meet the requirement of EMC WARNING: The adapter should be connected to the socket which is easy for operator to touch.

  • WARNING: over-heat scorching: the device cannot be used for 20s continuously.
  • WARNING: High temperature burn, The dental composite curing light unit can not direct shining to the skin tissue like lips and mucosa.
Technical Specifications

1. Rechargeable Lithium battery:

  •  Battery model: JW-Y-1.5, Battery capacity: 1500mAh
  •  Battery has over-voltage, over current and short circuit protection

2. Adapter(charge):

  •  Adapter input: AC100-240V 50HZ/60HZ
  •  Output: DC5V 1A
  •  Built-in fuse: T1A250V

3. Light source:

  • 1 5W high power blue light LED
  • Wave length: 420 nm-480 nm
  • Class: class I
  • AEL:3.9×10-3J

Check method: When operate the dental composite curing light unit properly, LED luminous means LED is in good condition.

The wavelength of our LED curing light machine can match with dental resin material which are commonly used on clinical, such as 3M and Dentsply.

420 nm to 480 nm(blue light) wavelength range of radiation not less than 2200 MW/cm².

The heart disease patients, pregnant women and children should be cautious to use this equipment

Daily maintenance:

1. This dental composite curing light unit does not include the self-maintainable spare parts. The maintenance of
this equipment should be taken by the appointed professional or special repair shop.

2. The accessory of the product should be cleaned by clean water or sterilized liquid. Do not soak.

3. Please clean the resin remained on the top of the main curing light dental unit after using to avoid infecting the life-span or solidified effect.

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