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AB Paste: Biocompatible Epoxy Resin Root Canal Sealer

AB Paste offers long-lasting root canal closure with excellent sealing properties. This biocompatible, two-component epoxy resin paste ensures a precise fit and minimal shrinkage. Easy to mix and use, AB Paste is ideal for permanent root canal fillings. Free shipping.

VOCO Provicol Temporary Crown Sealer Kit – Calcium Hydroxide Based Paste

Experience reliable temporary crown sealer kit with VOCO Provicol, a calcium hydroxide-based paste sealer. This oil-free and resin-free formula crown sealer kit promotes healing, offers excellent sealing, and is easy to apply and remove, making it an ideal choice for endodontic procedures and minor surface defects. Free shipping.

Calcium Hydroxide Root Canal Disinfection Injection Syringe Solution

Achieve thorough root canal disinfection with calcium hydroxide solution. This injectable formula contains 36-44% calcium hydroxide to eliminate bacteria, dissolve organic matter, and prevent reinfection. Ideal for multi-visit endodontic treatments, it creates an alkaline environment unfavorable for bacterial growth. Packaged in 2g syringes for easy application. Free shipping.

Light Cure II Type Orthodontic Adhesive Material – Strong & Efficient Bonding

Secure orthodontic brackets & attachments with Guan Ya Light Cure II orthodontic adhesive material! High-intensity light cures for strong, durable bonds in seconds. Easy-to-use, compact design. Free shipping.

GC Pink Dental Finishing Wax Strips – Achieve Perfect Denture Margins

Effortlessly refine denture margins with our pink dental finishing wax strips. Exceptional flow and plasticity ensure a precise fit and natural transitions for optimal patient comfort. Ideal for dental labs and technicians. 120g per box.

Flexible Denture Injection System for Invisible Dental Molding and Casting

Elevate your dental lab's efficiency with our Flexible Denture Injection System. This state-of-the-art equipment combines a pressure casting machine and automatic temperature control, enabling precise and consistent molding of invisible dentures. With features like automatic temperature regulation, temperature maintenance, and timed alerts, this system streamlines the entire process, ensuring reliable and high-quality results every time. Designed for dental professionals, this system is a must-have for any laboratory specializing in invisible denture production. Shipping weight: 34Kg, DHL/FedEx delivery.

Dental Firing Pad – Sintered Mat for Porcelain & Zirconia

Ensure perfect firing results with our dental firing pads. These sintered mats provide a stable & even heating surface for porcelain, zirconia & other dental ceramics. Reusable & high-temp resistant. Packing: 10pcs/bag. Free shipping.

3M ESPE Filtek P60 Light-Cured Posterior Composite Resin for Durable Dental Restorations

Discover the 3M ESPE Filtek P60 light-cured composite resin, an advanced dental material engineered for high-strength posterior fillings. With superior wear resistance and esthetics, it delivers durable, natural-looking restorations. Shade: A3, 4g per syringe. Free shipping.

Dental Alloy Precision Casting Machine-Water Cool

It is a high-frequency water-cooled casting machine suitable for dental lab metal restoration applications. It can precisely melt and cast a variety of dental alloys including cobalt-chromium, nickel-chromium, gold, and other medium-melting alloys. The machine features fast melting speed, large capacity, simple operation, making it an efficient and reliable solution for dental casting needs. Due to the large dimensions and heavyweight of the dental alloy precision casting equipment, we recommend that you contact our sales team to negotiate the proper delivery method along with special price, which may include options such as vessel or airplane transportation.