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The Best Teeth Whitening Machine: Things you need to know

LED Teeth Whitening With Camera

A glowing smile improves the personality. There is a surge of portrayals of perfect smiles with white teeth in magazines and electronic media. It has a great influence on people, and everyone is opting for teeth whitening as the most common process for improving teeth aesthetics. While there are at-home treatments, in-lab whitening happens to be the most effective option.

LED teeth-whitening machine with Intraoral Camera is getting increasingly popular every day. It offers a non-invasive treatment and dental practices can perform it in a quick session for a whiter smile. 


Built with an intraoral camera, the teeth whitening unit happens to be the ultimate solution for a brighter and whiter smile. It has a self-contained 8-inch LCD monitor and intraoral camera baked by the latest technology and ensures the best possible patient outcome.

teeth whitening unit build in 3 types of light source

Technical table:

Picture Device1/4″ SONY CCD
Effective Pixels ( HxV )768 x 494 (NTSC)   811 x 508 (PAL)
Blue Light LED4 Pieces
ViewingMarco / Intra / Extra
OutputVideo, USB, VGA
Operation Temp.-20 °C ~ 60 °C
Gross Weight8.52KG
Voltage100-240V, 50/60Hz
LCD Size8 inch
Warranty TimeOne year
Wirelesstransmitter + receiver
Broad Spectrum420 nm~472.5 nm (Host lamps)
Light Output powerup to 2000Mw/CM2
Max. Working Radius50 cm

The machine uses three different LED light sources that can yield a wide band of output. There are 5 blue light sources ranging from 420 to 490 nm for whitening teeth. It also comes with 2 red light sources from 610 to 650 nm for reducing the sensitivity of teeth. Additionally, the machine has 8 purple light sources for disinfection and sterilization.

The durable and elegant design of the teeth whitening unit comes with a portable stand. The metallic positioning arm includes an ergonomically designed full arc head. Patients can know the remaining whitening time from the timer display of the unit. Loaded with a high-performance fan, the unit delivers the best cooling effect.

The 25 watts and over 2327mW light-energy source of the teeth whitening unit ensures maximum effectiveness. Dental practices can also adjust the light energy output for patients with sensitive teeth.

Dental practices can use blue, red, and blue + red light exposure and vary the intensity to 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, and 100% depending on specific requirements. This ensures personalized care and treatment to patients that yield brighter and healthier-looking teeth.

The intraoral camera puts the machine ahead of others. It includes 4 LED blue lights and a 1/4″ SONY CCD. The unit is also Wi-Fi compatible and has software for managing dental images. The camera is hooked with a high-resolution lens and dental practices can save images for reference using USB disks.

LED teeth whitening benefits

Several benefits are there for LED teeth whitening:

  • Fast process with sessions taking from 1 to 30 minutes
  • Easy to use
  • Involves less patient time
  • Free from UV radiation
  • Causes no harm to the enamel or structure
  • No heat transmission and causes no discomfort
  • The most effective process backed by technology

Unique features

Driven with perfection the LED teeth-whitening machine with Intraoral Camera is designed to produce quick and sustainable results after a few applications. However, the whitening result might vary depending on the original tooth color and the gel used. Whitening procedures generally use Hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. The concentration of the active ingredient heavily impacts the whitening process. Active ingredients of higher concentration coupled with longer duration are likely to cause sensitivity and irritation issues than with lower concentration ingredients.


A brighter smile can do wonders for self-confidence. With advanced LED technology, teeth whitening is now faster, easier, and causes less sensitivity than ever before.

Choosing an LED whitening machine with built-in intraoral camera puts the power of a radiant smile in your hands. Adjustable light intensity and wavelengths target stains while reducing discomfort. Teeth whitening delivers transformative results safely, gently, and efficiently with the latest dental technology.

Investing in an LED whitening system pays dividends in self-assurance for years to come.