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Affordable Air Polishers for Improved Dental Hygiene

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Dental hygienists and dentists are increasingly turning to air polishers as an effective tool for cleaning and polishing teeth. Air polishers, also known as powder jet devices, work by emitting a pressurized mix of air, water and sodium bicarbonate powder onto the tooth’s surface. This gentle stream of abrasive powder can remove stains, plaque and soft deposits that regular brushing may miss. Unlike abrasive tooth polishing pastes, air polishers are gentle on tooth enamel.


Power SourceTurbine
BrandDental Lab Shop
MaterialsStainless steel
Air Pressure0.25-0.35 MPa
Water Pressure0.2-3.5 MPa
Warranty1 year
ConnectorInternational standard 4-hole,
Quick coupling options compatible with NSK, KaVo, Bien Air, Sirona, etc.
Weight0.3 Kg/box
International StandardsCompliant
TemperatureAutoclavable up to 135°C

Let’s explore the benefits of air polishers for dental hygiene and what to look for in these devices.

Benefits of Air Polishing Teeth

Compared to traditional plaque removal methods, air polishers offer several advantages:

  • More Effective Plaque Removal – The fine particles penetrate cracks and grooves that brushes can’t reach. Air polishers remove up to 70% more plaque than a manual toothbrush.
  • Decreased Risk of Enamel Damage – The sodium bicarbonate powder is soft enough to prevent damage to tooth enamel. It removes deposits without excessive wear.
  • Faster Cleanings – Air polishers clean 3-5 times faster than manual plaque removal. Appointments are quicker for both patient and provider.
  • Increased Patient Comfort – Patients often report the gentle spray feels smooth and comfortable compared to scraping tools. It also requires less pressure.
  • Reduced Noise – Air polishers operate at about 60-80 decibels compared to the high-pitched noise of a dental drill. This helps relax patients.
  • Improved Accessibility – The handpieces are small, lightweight and easy to maneuver in the mouth. This improves access to all areas.
  • Enhanced Infection Control – The water and air streams help flush out debris and bacteria. Most tips are autoclavable for sterilization.

With these benefits, it’s clear why air polishers should be standard equipment for every dental office and hygienist.

What to Look for in an Air Polisher

When selecting an air polishing device, dental hygienists should look for:

  • A lightweight, ergonomic handpiece for reduced fatigue during procedures. Many resemble an electric toothbrush.
  • A selection of autoclavable tips to match different treatment needs and optimize infection control.
  • Variable pressure controls to adjust the air and water pressure as needed.
  • A durable device made from quality materials like stainless steel. Units should withstand frequent sterilization.
  • Safety features like pressure gauges, regulators and backups to prevent equipment failure.
  • Brand reputation for reliability and customer support. Leading dental manufacturers like NSK, Midwest and Acteon all make quality air polishers.
  • Budget-friendly prices and financing options to fit different office needs. Shop around for competitive deals.
  • Compliance with international standards and electrical safety regulations.

Where to Purchase Air Polishers with Good Pricing and Warranty

Dental professionals can purchase high-quality air polishers from Dental Lab Shop at competitive prices. Their website allows checkout using credit cards or PayPal at retail cost. For bulk orders or custom requests, buyers can contact the sales team directly to inquire about discounted wholesale pricing. The knowledgeable sales staff will provide specifics on options, shipping, delivery, and more to create the ideal solution. Dental Lab Shop offers a 1-year warranty on air polishers to protect your investment. With great prices, customer service and product guarantees, Dental Lab Shop is a premier supplier for essential dental air polishing equipment.


With the right air polishing system, dental hygienists can provide faster and more comfortable cleanings while removing harmful plaque buildup. These devices are an excellent investment for patient satisfaction and improved oral health outcomes.