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Air Turbine Handpieces: Why Anti-Retraction Matters

cross-contamination free air turbine handpiece

Avoiding cross-contamination and patient safety is the topmost priority of any dental practice. No miracle handpiece is there that generates zero aerosols. As such, there is always a risk in performing dental procedures with common handpieces.  

When one uses a dental handpiece without any anti-retraction valve, there is always a chance of aspirating and expelling debris with fluids during the procedure. Thus, the bacteria and viruses might contaminate the air and water unit of the dental chair as they are not sterilized. This could be a potential source of cross-infection. The Air Turbine Handpiece Anti Retraction helps to stop such things and ensures patient safety.

What is Air Turbine Handpiece Anti Retraction

Parameter table:

DescriptionAn air-driven dental handpiece with an anti-retraction system to prevent sucking back of fluids and debris
Key BenefitPrevents cross-infection between patients by stopping backward flow into dental unit
DesignErgonomic, lightweight, designed for easy handling
VariantsMini head, Standard head, Torque head, 45° angled head
Technical Specs– Stainless steel construction 
– Ceramic bearing 
– Single or 3-hole spray 
– Operating speed: 320,000 – 380,000 RPM 
– Noise level <70 dB
– International standard 4 holes, KaVo & NSK fiber optic quick coupling compatibility
Suitable ForPrecise cutting, smaller mouths, difficult to reach areas
ImprovesPatient comfort, accessibility

The air-turbine handpiece has an air-driven turbine that makes the instrument rotate. As a dental practitioner depresses the foot pedal of the unit, the handpiece starts moving at a high speed. Negative pressure generates in the oral cavity the moment the pedal is released and the handpiece stops. The vacuum generated sucks everything nearby.

It results in the sucking of saliva and blood along with pathogenic microorganisms through the cooling system and ultimately into the pipeline of the dental unit. This is likely to contaminate the dental handpiece and the unit, as a whole. When the air turbine handpiece is activated again for treating another patient, it expels what it absorbed previously. This is sure to cause cross-infection from one patient to another.

The Air Turbine Handpiece Anti Retraction has uniquely solved this problem. It is loaded with an anti-retraction system. It prevents the sucking back of microorganisms into the tool when it stops. This significantly reduces the degree of sucking the bacteria into the handpiece and prevents subsequent cross-infection.

It comes with a professional design and also has a push button system that ensures convenient bur change. The spray holes in the tool cool dental tissues better. The handpiece also boasts a top-notch quality ceramic bearing. Because of its 99% effective anti-retraction, it happens to be the best of the clan in the market.

Options available

You can get the Air Turbine Handpiece Anti Retraction with a standard head and 45º angle.

45º handpieces

These have a high-speed stainless steel construction and feature a 45º head design. It enhances accessibility to the difficult-to-reach areas in the mouth without hitting the front teeth. The tool is also loaded with a ceramic ball bearing, open-style cartridge, and water spray. The 3-hole atomization facility ensures effective cooling of the dental area during the dental procedure.

Key benefits

Besides preventing cross-infection, the Air Turbine Handpiece Anti Retraction has the following key benefits.

  • Can perform a number of dental procedures
  • Ensure precise cuts without any pulp formation
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design ensures stress-free handling in lengthy procedures.
  • Suits smaller mouths
  • Improved patient comfort


The Air Turbine Handpiece Anti Retraction allows dentists to perform procedures safely, without concern of cross-contamination between patients. Its anti-retraction valve prevents the backward flow of fluids and debris into the dental unit.

Combined with versatile options like mini, standard, torque, and 45° heads, it provides precision cutting even in difficult to reach areas. The optional handpiece also features a quick coupling system with 6 holes fiber optic design for treatment site shadow-free illumination.

By investing in this innovative handpiece with anti-retraction technology, dental practices can provide the highest standard of care while maximizing patient safety.

The Air Turbine Handpiece Anti Retraction is a must-have for modern dentistry.