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Memory Type Thermally Activated Orthodontic Wire: Everything you need to know

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Orthodontics is all about the diagnosis and treatment of bad bites. The process involves fixing braces, clear aligners, and retainers. Not everyone is blessed with perfect teeth. How the teeth fit together significantly impacts oral health. Orthodontic procedures help to improve the alignment of the upper and lower teeth and can minimize the risk of several oral issues including cavities, gum diseases, etc.

Common orthodontic issues include overbite, underbite, Overlapping teeth, crowded teeth, crooked teeth, etc. Orthodontic dental practitioners treat such issues by using orthodontic supplies like braces, clear aligners, retainers, and palate expanders.

Orthodontic treatment involves a conservative way to properly align the teeth, lips, and jaws. The procedure helps to achieve a facial balance without the cost of tooth preparation, maintenance, and restoration. Orthodontic therapy corrects aesthetic issues and could be an adjunct to restorative treatment. 

A wide variety of materials including metals, alloys, polymers, and composites are involved in the production of orthodontic wires.

Orthodontic Wire  Overview

Memory Type Thermally Activated Orthodontic Wire

The success of orthodontic therapy does not only depend on the skill and treatment steps. The materials used also significantly affect the final result. Choosing the right type of orthodontic wire is a vital determinant of the process of correcting teeth irregularities. These devices include a wire that conforms to the dental arch and helps to hold the teeth in the right position.

The memory type thermally activated orthodontic wire delivers more efficient performance than traditional wires. These are tailor-made for carrying out specific orthodontic procedures. These orthodontic supplies help to eliminate unwanted teeth movement that hinders the treatment time and process.

These orthodontic wires are a fundamental and vital element of orthodontic appliances. Because of their unique properties they significantly impact the effectiveness, control, and treatment duration.

The archwires are loaded with the property to store and release the forces that are likely to stimulate the movement of the tooth. For this reason, these are activated by bending and twisting.  Sometimes these are applied separately and in some cases, they are combined to produce the desired result.


Dental practices should consider the following properties of the wire for orthodontic treatments.

  • High spring back quality
  • Low stiffness for applying constantly lower forces during the therapy
  • High formability for easy bending into the desired configuration.
  • Biocompatibility and resistance to corrosion and tarnish
  • High resilience for increasing the working range
  • Easy joining by soldering and welding
  • Least friction for avoiding undue strain on anchorage and limiting the tooth movement.

Key advantages

The wire is a vital element of orthodontic supplies. It has the following advantages.

  • Produces very light, continuous forces
  • Correction of dental irregularities and maintenance of dental position
  • Round-shape orthodontic wire can correct dental crowding, open bites & close spaces, and also helps in leveling the arch.
  • Rectangular-shaped orthodontic wire helps to position the crown and root in the final stage of the therapy.

Sizes available:

The thermal-activated NiTi (Nickel Titanium) orthodontic wires are available in the following shapes and sizes.

Round shape wire suitable for upper/lower comes in 0.012, 0.014, 0.016, 0.018, and 0.020 sizes.

Rectangular shape wire suitable for upper/lower comes in 0.016×0.016, 0.016×0.022, 0.017×0.022, 0.017×0.025, and 0.018×0.022, 0.018×0.025, 0.019×0.025, 0.021×0.025 sizes.

Size option table:

Thermal Activated Niti Orthodontic WiresRoundUpper/Lower0.012, 0.014, 0.016, 0.018, 0.02010pcs/pack
 Rectangle Upper/Lower0.016×0.016, 0.016×0.022, 0.017×0.022, 0.017×0.025,
0.018×0.022, 0.018×0.025, 0.019×0.025, 0.021×0.025

Both of these are available in packages containing 10 pieces. The products are individually packed. This reduces the risks of cross-contamination.  It is also possible to autoclave the wires for sterilization.


It is to be noted that each type of orthodontic wire serves some specific purposes and has advantages over others. Dental practitioners must consider clinical behavior to achieve the best patient results. Dental Lab Shop can provide orthodontic supplies for various Orthodontic therapy needs.