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Orthodontics is an outstanding branch within dentistry that has been developing since the eighth century before Christ, as demonstrated by certain findings found in archaeological sites of Ancient Greece, the correction of dental pieces, a problem that if not treated can sometimes cause malocclusion or complications in the maxillofacial area.

Orthodontics consists of trying to correct and correctly relocate the dental pieces. The orthodontist, who is a dentist specializing in orthodontics, is in charge of applying a series of brackets on the teeth to keep them aligned and correct their position.


There are different types of orthodontic supplies, but those that make braces are the most common types. Orthodontic braces are used to align teeth by gradually moving them into position with the help of dental cement, orthodontic bands, and wires.

The brackets are the pieces that are fixed to the teeth. They are nested with the wire arches to form a structure that covers the entire dental area of both the upper and lower arches.

 bands are used to provide pressure by pulling on the teeth with the braces. Orthodontic archwires, which can be made from different types of metals, can also be used to put gradual pressure on your teeth. Finally, orthodontic pliers and wire cutters are generally used to remove braces when the time is right.

Orthodontic treatment can correct the alignment of a person’s teeth and make them easier to care for and more aesthetically pleasing. Orthodontic braces typically use metal brackets and wires, but clear braces are also available. The amount of time it takes to make a difference varies widely, from less than a year to about five years.

Orthodontic bands are one of the key orthodontic supplies for repositioning a person’s teeth. These small bands can be used to apply pressure to the teeth and try to move them in a certain direction. Since a person can lose their teeth if they move too abruptly, this method of small, constant pressure can be integral to straightening teeth. Steady, gradual pressure is the typical, safe way orthodontists readjust the alignment of a person’s teeth.

Like orthodontic bands, orthodontic archwires apply pressure to your teeth. They can be made from many types of metals, including beta-titanium, nickel-titanium, and stainless steel. Depending on the composition and material, different archwires rely on different amounts of pressure and are typically changed as treatment progresses.

Orthodontists use a special type of pliers to remove a person’s braces. Orthodontists remove braces around a patient’s teeth with this device before removing them completely. Similar tools can be used to scrape cement from teeth and unhook orthodontic bands while removing braces. This is not a dangerous procedure, but it can be painful for the patient, and their gums may appear swollen for hours.


  • Orthodontic trays

In this case, the trays are part of the family of dental impression materials, and in this case, they are used to make replicas of the different dental pieces.

  • Separation ligature

Ligatures are a kind of round-shaped rubber placed in the interproximal area of the teeth so that separation is generated. It is a kind of disposable material.

  • Intraoral elastic

Intraoral elastics are an essential element for the proper functioning of orthodontic treatment since they help develop certain movements essential for maxillofacial correction.

  • Extrusion Hook

The extrusion hook is an element that is sometimes used to promote tooth movement. Like the separation ligature, hooks are also a single-use type of material and therefore are disposable.

In addition to the add-ons, it lets you. Here is a list of more elements that make up the set of orthodontic materials:

  • Buttons
  • Sheets of acetate
  • Calliper
  • Marker
  • coil
  • Retainers
  • Tweezers,
  • Pliers
  • Stripping

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