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A New Dimension Of Air Abrasion Dental Handpiece In Dentistry Application

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We can see the technology is getting advanced in every field, and in that list, the dental industry is one of the industries that are getting into the advanced technology faster. The industry has introduced a new term called “air abrasion dental”.

This is a less-drilling technique that is used by dentists to remove early and small areas of tooth decay so that they can perform other procedures. The air abrasion dental handpieces are mostly used to provide more dental experience.

Here, we will discuss more about the air abrasion handpiece, and along with this; you will get to know the best place to purchase this dental handpiece along with other dental equipment.   

What is air abrasion?

standard 4 holes handpiece for sandblasting

When it comes to dentists we always remind the sound of drilling, because it is one of the most common procedures performed in the dental industry. But the technology has taken the drilling to the next level which is air abrasion teeth cleaning.

In the old dentist method, drilling is used to perform root canal therapy, prepare the dental crown, and remove the cavities. But in recent times, it is possible to perform all kinds of dental applications using the air abrasion dental handpiece.   

The air abrasion dental handpiece is nothing but a method for removing tooth decay and it uses tiny particles of aluminum oxide or silica. Without the need for a drill, it is possible to the tooth decay materials. The air compression in the handpiece will spray the sand-like particles to the affected tooth part which will suck away the excess.

Most dental industries started to use the air abrasion dental handpiece as the procedure is simple and it will help to achieve the best possible results during the treatment.

How does it work?

The air abrasion handpiece dental unit application of air abrasion in dentistry follows a simple and easy process. During the process, the instrument will work like a mini-sandblaster which will spray away the particles to remove the decay.

The instrument will spray the fine stream of particles which is aimed at the decayed or stained part of the tooth. In most cases, the particles will be silica, aluminum oxide, or a mixture of baking soda which is propelled on the tooth surface by compression of gas or air.

When the particles strike your tooth decay, the decayed or affected particles will be removed. Then the particles are sucked away by a thin tube.

Once knowing the excellent working procedure of an air abrasion dental handpiece, no dentists will use the drilling process hereafter. But it is also important to find the right place to buy the dental handpiece. There are many local or online stores available, but you can’t get both high-quality or low price products in the same place.

That is why we recommend one of the most excellent places for buying all your dental products. That is nothing but the Dental Lab Shop, a place where you can find superior quality and different types of dental products at a lower price.

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Air Abrasion Handpiece

The air abrasion handpiece from the Dental Lab shop is mainly used for making ergonomic designs in dental applications. This is the most convenient tool for long-term operations. This air abrasion dental equipment is used in the metal surface uniform in the micro roughening treatment to improve the adhesive strength.

The handpiece is made of high-quality stainless steel and a wear-resistant material so it will come for a longer time. The handpiece will effectively improve the life of the product and the precision.

Some of the prominent features of the handpiece are;

air abrasion handpiece dental unit features
  • Offers water spray and cooling system
  • It has standard 4 holes
  • Offers KaVo dental excellence
  • NSK coupling is also available
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The application of this air abrasion is it is used for oral application where it will clean and coarsen the surface before bonding. Also, you can use this for intraoral application for micro-coarsening in the treatment of porcelain or resin restorations.


  • The air abrasion dental handpiece generates no heat, pressure, and vibration
  • Even if the cavity is too shallow, you don’t need to use anesthesia if the handpiece is there
  • It doesn’t take away the healthy tissues, as it will leave behind the tooth
  • During the procedure, it will reduce the fracturing or chipping of the tooth
  • When compared to traditional drilling, the air abrasion process is a time taking process but still, it will be simple and it won’t release any noise
  • You will feel comfortable during the treatment as there will be no sound or heat
  • It will remove the less tooth than the drilling method and the resulting outcome will be excellent
Is it safer to use an air abrasion handpiece?

Yes, the air abrasion dental handpiece is extremely safe and it is a simple and time-saving process when compared to dental drilling. The one thing which you need to consider before starting the procedure is wearing protective eyewear and using a rubber sheet or resin to protect the area of the mouth which is not treated. Also, make sure that your patient is not inhaling or the suction particles get into the lungs.

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