Mini Head Handpiece For Child, Triple Spray


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Elevate your pediatric dental practice with our specially designed Mini Head Handpiece, offering easy bur replacement, optimal cooling with a three-hole water spray, and high-speed performance for precise and efficient procedures.

Additional options: Standard, Torque head, and 45° contra-angle series.

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 5 cm

Mini head, Standard head, Standard-head Pro, Big head, 45°


M4 4 holes, B2 2 holes

Small head handpiece for pediatric dental treatment

The mini head handpiece for children is specially designed to meet the unique needs of pediatric dentistry. This handpiece features a push-button design, three-hole water spray, and a high-speed air turbine, providing efficient and precise performance while promoting patient comfort and safety.

With its easy bur replacement and cooling capabilities, this handpiece helps to improve the efficiency and accuracy of dental procedures, ensuring successful treatment outcomes for young patients.


  • Mini/Standard/Big head high-speed handpiece, push-button type, triple spray, anti-retraction.
    Air pressure: 180-250KPa (18-25kgf/cm2)
  • Water pressure: 198KPa (2kg)
  • Speed: 380,000-450,000rpm
  • Chuck type: Push-button
  • Applicable bur: ф1.59mm-1.60mmx21-23mm (diameter x length)
  • Noise: ≤70dB
  • Anti-retraction to prevent cross-infection.

Head size:

  • Small head-Ф9.omm x 10.7mm, Triple spray
  • Standard head-Ф10.5 x 13.8mm, Single spray
  • Standard head Pro-Ф10.29 x 14.56mm, Two holes spray+Triple atomization
  • Big head-Head diameter: Ф12.5 x 13.02mm, Triple spray
  • 45° angled: Ф10.8 x 11.5mm, Single hole water spray + 3 holes atomization

Rated Operating Air Pressure

  1. Adjust the air pressure. The air pressure at the handpiece interface should be 180-250KPa (18-25kgf/cm2).
  2. The air consumption at the recommended operating air pressure should be ≥1.5L/min. Note: Excessive inlet pressure can cause the turbine speed to be too high and damage the bearings. To ensure the longevity of the handpiece, dry and clean compressed air should be used, and the air compressor and air and water filtration system should be regularly maintained to ensure the quality of compressed air and water. Using unfiltered water can cause blockages in the tubing connections.

Bur Replacement

  1. Removing the bur Press the button on the back cover of the handpiece with your thumb and, after hearing a “click” sound, remove the bur.
  2. Installing a new bur Insert the bur or a test rod, press the back cover button, push the bur or test rod all the way in, release your thumb, and then gently pull out the bur or test rod to check if it is securely installed.

Cartridge Replacement:

Removing the cartridge

① Insert a test rod.
② Use a wrench to turn the back cover of the head counterclockwise and open it.
③ Lightly push the test rod towards the back cover of the handpiece to remove the cartridge. If there is any dirt inside the head, clean it with lubricating oil.

Installing a new cartridge

① Place the cartridge into the back cover, then install the back cover with the cartridge into the head.

② Tighten the back cover by hand, and then use the back cover wrench to ensure it is securely fastened.

Note: The threads on the back cover and the head are very delicate. When opening, place the wrench in the appropriate position on the back cover. Align it before turning to avoid damaging the threads. Before installing a new cartridge, pay attention to cleaning the interior of the head.

Handpiece Maintenance–After each use and/or before disinfection, lubricate the handpiece with standard lubricating oil. After removing the handpiece from the tubing, follow the steps below to lubricate it:

  1. Attach the special nozzle to the oil bottle of the Huamei lubricant.
  2. Remove the test rod from the cartridge and align the special nozzle with the chuck axis of the cartridge.
  3. Press the lubricant bottle cap for 1-2 seconds. Note: Keep the bottle vertical.

High-temperature steam sterilization is recommended. After each use, follow these steps for high-temperature steam sterilization:

  1. Brush off dirt from the handpiece and wipe it clean with alcohol.
  2. Remove the handpiece from the tubing and lubricate it with a standard lubricating oil.
  3. Place the handpiece in a sterilization bag and seal it.
  4. Use the same method for sterilizing the locking needle holder.
  5. Perform high-temperature steam sterilization at a temperature of 135℃.
  6. Chemical disinfection methods: glutaraldehyde, Cidex, sodium hypochlorite, strong oxidative ionized water. Follow the principle of cleaning before immersion and follow the instructions for the disinfectant, paying attention to concentration and replacement cycles. Note: The bottom of the high-temperature sterilization cabinet is close to the heater, and the local temperature may exceed the set working temperature. Place this product in the middle or upper layer. If the surface of the handpiece is contaminated with chemicals, it may cause the coating to peel off or darken after high-temperature sterilization. Therefore, special attention must be paid. Chemical immersion or dry heat sterilization is strictly prohibited.


  1. Before each use, carefully check whether the tools and accessories used are suitable and whether they are functioning properly.
  2. During the use of the handpiece, pay attention to the safety of the patients.
  3. Before each use, make sure the bur is securely and correctly inserted.
  4. When using a push-button handpiece, be sure to use international standard burs with a diameter of 1.59mm-1.60mm. Using non-standard burs with a diameter smaller than 1.59mm can damage the gripping force and bearings of the handpiece.
  5. If noise occurs after using the handpiece for a long time, replace it with a new one of the same type from Huamei brand. Failure to replace the cartridge promptly may result in accidents or hearing damage to patients.
  6. Pressing the button on the handpiece during rotation may cause the head to become hot. Be careful not to let the head button come into contact with the cheek during use, as it may cause injury to the patient.
  7. The bur should be fully inserted into the chuck to ensure its gripping force, but avoid excessive force that causes the bur to be inserted too deeply. Otherwise, it may result in bent burs, inadequate cooling, or personnel injury caused by the bur flying out.
  8. Avoid strong electromagnetic interference. It is recommended to add an inductor to the dental treatment unit to resist interference. If interference occurs, it is advisable to suspend use.

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