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64:1 Reduction CA Handpiece – Enhanced Control & Visibility for Root Canals

Achieve superior root canal outcomes with this 64:1 Reduction CA Handpiece. Featuring a small head, precise water spray, and optional fiber optic illumination, it offers exceptional control, visibility, and efficiency. Free shipping.

Endo-NiTi Handpiece 128:1 – Advanced Root Canal Preparation Instrument

Discover the Endo-NiTi Handpiece 128:1, the premium tool for endodontic efficiency and precision. Featuring a 128:1 gear ratio, small head for superior access, and compatibility with Ni-Ti files. Enhanced with a push-button chuck, fiber optic light options, and autoclavability, it's the perfect addition to any dental practice focused on modern, effective treatments. Free shipping.

Smooth Glide Path Endo Files

  • Smooth Glide
  • Predictable Path
  • MaxTech Alloy
  • Cyclic Fatigue
  • Cross-section Technology
  • Canal Shaping
  • Coronal Third
  • Debris Removal
  • Cutting Efficiency
  • 3Pcs per pack.

Next Endo Rotary Files: Advanced Curved Canal Shaping for Precision Endodontics

Original price was: $35.00.Current price is: $22.00.
Enhance endodontic precision with Next Endo Rotary Files – designed for strength and flexibility. Ideal for severely curved canals, choose from 21mm, 25mm, or 31mm lengths and three taper options. Elevate your practice with our M-wire NiTi alloy files. Packing: 3pcs per pack. Free shipping.

All-in-One System for Scaling, Periodontics & Endodontics

Original price was: $1,600.00.Current price is: $1,089.00.
The Pro Dental Ultrasonic Scaler - All-in-One System for Scaling, Periodontics & Endodontics. Precisely Remove Tartar & Treat Gum Disease and Root Canals with Advanced 25-42kHz Ultrasonic Technology. Experience a high-value product at no cost to you - contact us and let us know how we can deliver it safely with free shipping!

Obturation Pen for Root Canal Therapy

Original price was: $1,400.00.Current price is: $1,120.00.
Obturation Pen for Root Canal Therapy - Precisely fill and seal root canals with adjustable temperature control, long battery life, and interchangeable tips. Achieve a complete 3D seal during endodontic procedures with this essential dental instrument. Free shipping.

3D Obturator Handpiece Filling System

Original price was: $1,600.00.Current price is: $1,080.00.
The Obtura 3D is an innovative wireless electric obturator handpiece for thermoplasticized gutta percha root canal filling. It allows smooth extrusion for dense, bubble-free canal filling. With adjustable heating, lithium battery, and auto-cleaning, it's an effective gutta percha filling system for endodontic procedures. Free shipping.

ProApex Apex Locator

Original price was: $540.00.Current price is: $399.00.
Precisely determine canal working lengths with the advanced AI chip technology and multi-frequency impedance measurements of the ProApex Apex Locator. 3.5 LCD display, 1500mAh lithium battery. Free shipping.

Endo Motor Apex Locating System

Original price was: $1,090.00.Current price is: $689.00.
Endo Motor Apex Locating System - All-in-one electric endo motor with integrated apex locator enables efficient root canal preparation and obturation. Auto start/stop/reverse and torque monitoring. Working modes: M0-5 reciprocating modes, M1 to M9 editable memory modes. Free shipping.

Endodontic File Removal System

Original price was: $200.00.Current price is: $176.00.
The endodontic file removal system in a set. The broken endo file retrieval kit is for the removal of broken files during root canal therapy. Free shipping.

Speed 16:1 Endodontic Handpiece

Speed 16:1 contra angle endodontic handpiece. It is a specialized handpiece that uses a fiber optic light source to illuminate the mouth and magnify the targeted area, allowing for precise and accurate treatment. Handpiece attachment head is disassemble, KaVo compatible, easy maintenance. Feature:
  • 16:1 Speed Decreasing Transmission
  • Speed range: 100-2,500 Rpm
  • Endo rotary files reciprocating motion
  • Push button
  • Irrigation: Inner water one hole spray
  • Light source: Fiber optic
Free shipping.

U File Tips

Original price was: $6.00.Current price is: $4.19.
Endo U files tips wholesale. Parameter:
  • Sizes:15#, 20#, 25#, 30#, 35#, 40#, 15-40#
  • Length:33 mm
  • Quantity:6pcs/box
Free shipping.

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