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Surveyor in dental lab procedures

surveyor with handpiece holeder

Role in laboratory

A dental surveyor is a tool that plays a critical role in the dental laboratory. It is a versatile device used to position dental casts in a specific orientation for the fabrication of restorations such as crowns, bridges, and dentures. The surveyor consists of a base, an arm, and a platform that holds the dental cast.

In the dental laboratory, the dental technician uses the dental surveyor to identify the ideal position for the restoration based on the patient’s occlusion, tooth anatomy, and other factors. The technician places the dental cast on the platform and adjusts the arm to the appropriate angle using a series of knobs and dials. This enables the technician to examine the dental cast from various angles, which helps identify the ideal restoration position.

Once the technician has identified the ideal position, the surveyor is used to mark the position on the dental cast. This is done using a scriber or a sharp instrument to mark the cast’s surface. The marked dental cast is then used to create the restoration. The surveyor helps ensure that the restoration fits properly and functions correctly within the patient’s mouth.

A dental surveyor is an essential tool in the dental laboratory because it helps to ensure the accuracy and quality of dental restorations. The technician can use the surveyor to identify potential issues with the restoration before it is placed in the patient’s mouth. This helps avoid discomfort and complications that may arise from poorly fitting restorations.

Overall, a dental surveyor is a vital tool in the dental laboratory, and it is essential to the success of restorative dental procedures. Dental technicians must be skilled in handling the surveyor and use it effectively to ensure that patients receive the best possible care.

Where to get a right surveyor

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feature of dental lab surveyor and accessories

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