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List Of Must-Have Dental Lab Equipment In Your Dental Laboratory

dental laboratory office

Now, more people are giving a lot of importance to implants and dental reconstruction, so we can say the dental field is one of the fastest growing fields. So, when you are planning for a dental laboratory, it is always about delivering high-quality work, but also it should consist of the necessary lab equipment.

The dental industry is a booming field; as technology is growing, new and innovative equipment is keep on launching. So, in this article, we are suggesting some must-have equipment in your dental lab.

What type of dental laboratory do you need?

Depending on what you operate and the type of restoration you prefer, the type of dental laboratory you need may differ. If you are planning for a full-operation lab, then you need a vast range of equipment that is both flexible, and efficient. If your lab is focused on any one restorative area, then you can invest in the equipment which suits your task.

Making the final list of what dental equipment you need, requires a lot of time, and research. So, here, the first step is to find out the niche, whether you are concentrating on crowns, provisional, veneers, implants & removable, and others.

Your goal will partially get cleared if you find out the niche, and the next process will be building a team, buying the necessary equipment for the lab, and creating a floor plan.

dental laboratory office
Dental laboratory with list of equipment

Tips to consider before opening the dental lab:

  • Before you start the dental laboratory, you should need a solid business plan and strategy. The planning not only requires the information but also involves the planning of every last detail
  • While building a team, make sure to find like-minded individuals who should be considered assets to the team
  • A perfect dental laboratory is one that is equipped with all kinds of equipment. So, find a place where you can grab all your dental equipment at a low price with high-quality
  • The space of the lab matters the most, so choose a lab that will occupy all your dental equipment and staff

10+ Must-have products in your dental lab:

  • Fully adjustable articulator

The fully adjustable articulator will understand all the movements of the patients, and it guarantees the exact initial and final position of the movement. The articulator you choose should be light, ergonomic, stable, and comes with high precision. This articulator is ideal for fabrication, model analysis, and correction of splints.

Virtual articulator fully adjustable
Fully Adjustable Articulator Function and Feature
  • Desktop 3D dental scanner

The 3D dental scanner enables height control automatically, and also it will adjust the object to the scan area on its own. This is one of the must-have dental equipment in your lab as it offers accurate reliability. This is a highly sensitive scanner and comes with blue-light technology, that offers high scanning accuracy.

dental-articulator scanner 3D
Dental laboratory articulator scanner
  • Electric wax carver

The electric wax carver is mainly used to melt the dental wax by the electric heat mechanism, and also it aids in the carving of wax. If your dental lab has an electric wax carver, then you can make the wax pattern without any additional requirements. In this carver, the temperature is easily controllable.

Dental Electric Wax Carver
  • Dental micromotor

The dental micromotor is a brushless E-type lab handpiece, and it is an ISO standard motor. This is mainly used for denture cutting and polishing work and the speed can be adjusted from 2,000 to 40,000 rpm. The rotation speed and the hands-free speed can be easily adjustable in this equipment.  

E-type ISO standard dental lab motor
E-type ISO standard dental lab motor
  • Dental vacuum mixer

The dental vacuum mixer is the most essential equipment in the dental laboratory, and it is safe and easy to use. This is mainly used in the laboratory to get the homogenous bubble-free mixing of materials, as the process is difficult to do manually.

dental vacuum mixer machine
  • Pindex die machine

If you are planning for the fabrication of the models, then the Pindex die machine is essential dental equipment. It helps to drill holes with more accuracy, and precision. Also, rapid and fast action will save time and effort. Without any procedural error and much noise, the drilling can be done.

pindex dental machine-giroform model system
  • Dental die-cutting machine

A dental die-cutting machine is a separation machine, and it comes with a saw blade of a thickness of 0.30mm. The saw blade is extremely sharp so features a small cutting seam, and also come for a longer time. The cutting machine helps in precise cutting, and it will improve labor efficiency.

dental lab die cutting machine
  • High-speed alloy grinder

The high-speed alloy grinder is used in the dental laboratory for polishing shaping, and cutting all kinds of metals, plastics, and resins in the restorative industry. The machine is considered to be very reliable and also highly resistant to corrosion. Grinders are considered the necessary equipment in the dental laboratory for the sprue separating process.

high speed dental lab grinder equipment
  • Dental sandblaster

The dental sandblaster is the most important equipment for the dental prosthesis, and it is mainly used to remove various small surface oxides. After the denture metal bases coating process, the metal oxide layer will be removed using the dental sandblaster.

cheap dental sandblaster
  • Dental electrolytic polisher

The dental electrolytic polisher is mainly used for polishing applications, and it ensures a repeatable and high-luster polish for dental restoration. This equipment is eco-friendly, pollution-free, and easy to use the equipment. This can be used majorly for the cobalt chrome partials, orthodontic retainers, and others.

dental lab electrolytic polisher
  • Dental dry oven

The dental dry oven is an automatic drying machine, and it is used for warm air during the zirconia teeth drying process. This is driven with a high-efficient infrared heating lamp, so it will make sure of a high drying penetration rate. The temperature and the drying time can be adjusted, and it offers a greater effect on the zirconia drying penetration.

dental drying machine for zirconia tooth
Bottom Line:

Starting your own dental laboratory is a very straightforward process, and it won’t happen overnight. It requires a lot of careful planning, meticulous research, cash, and most important the lab equipment. Check whether your lab carries all the lab equipment which is mentioned in this article.