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The CA Handpiece 1:5 Increasing Speed – Fiber Optic Illumination, Access, and Speed for Modern Dentistry

CA 1:5 handpiece optic fiber

No one can think about a dental practice without a handpiece. It is the most common tool in dentistry. With the growth of dental specialties requirement for handpieces with new and improved capabilities over the existing ones became evident. The Red 1:5 Increasing Speed Handpiece is one such.


The handpiece comes with fiber optic and non-light contra angle. The Red 1:5 Increasing Speed Contra-angle Handpiece comes with a smaller head.  The tilting head enters the mouth correctly and renders a clear vision. The configuration entails total flexible movement in all types of dental restorations & prosthesis implantations and guarantees precise movements for superior outcomes.

Technical info:

CA(contra-angle) handpiece, 1:5 transmission ration
Color CodeRed ring
Bearing MaterialCeramic
Gear Ratio1:5 speed increasing
Applicable BursFG burs
Maximum Speed20,000 RPM
Chuck TypePush button
Water SprayInner triple water spray
ConnectorInternational standard e-type
Head SizeDiameter 9.7mm, Length 12.0mm
IlluminationFiber optic or non-light options
Construction Material304 stainless steel
Power SourceElectric handpiece motor
mini head contra angle handpiece dimension
The smallest handpiece head

The Red 1:5 Increasing Speed Handpiece has a monobloc design that ensures quiet dental procedure and excellent manageability. The irradiation area of the fiber optics is broad and ensures a fully bright operating field free from shadow zones.

The handpiece boasts a high-quality corrosion-resistant metal construction. It ensures durability and a long life. The ceramic ball bearings of the handpiece have anti-wear properties and the tool can withstand long-term autoclave sterilization.  As such, reusing is no problem. The tool, thus, plays a vital role in delivering inpatient treatments.

Most dental practices use the 1:5 speed increasing handpiece for cavity preparation and implant procedures. The tool helps faster decay removal. Coming with a three-point water sprayer, it allows adjustments of the water jet height and the cooling system ensures proper cooling for fast cutting and other dental procedures.

The optic fiber system ensures effective light generation to provide daylight illumination during the dental process. Because of the premium quality gear, ceramic bearing, and super duper alignment, heat generation is always at a minimum.

These handpieces have created a new standard in dentistry, especially for pediatric dentistry. These are most suitable for accessing oral cavities in tight spaces and little mouths. Coming with high-quality gear and bearing it delivers precise outcomes.

Key features

  • Low noise level
  • No vibration
  • Exceptional dimensional stability for precise operations
  • Consistent speed and torque
  • Corrosion-resistant durable construction
  • Triple water spray keeps the treatment area cool
  • Can access hard-to-reach areas
  • Ergonomic design ensures better access, comfortable grip, and stress-free operation
  • Smooth and non-porous surface ensures easy cleaning and sterilization

Key benefits

The red ring contra-angle 1:5 handpiece delivers the following benefits.

  • Can access awkward places in the mouth and because of the small head, the tool can used for pediatric dentistry.
  • The 20,000 RPM speed ensures fast preparation and drilling
  • The steady torque burs from sticking or twisting during the dental procedure.
  • Emits low vibration & low noise and ensures excellent patient comfort. It also makes it ideal for pediatric uses.
  • Light weight and improved maneuverability make dental processes easier.
  • Creates a calming atmosphere during dental operations.


Th 1:5 increasing speed CA handpiece stands out for its fiber optic illumination or non-light options, mini 9.7mm diameter head, and 1:5 speed increasing transmission ratio.

The fiber optics provide effective illumination for clear vision during procedures. The small head size allows the handpiece to access tight spaces and is ideal for pediatric uses. The 1:5 ratio enables fast drilling up to 20,000 RPM for quick procedures.

With these advanced features, the Red 1:5 Handpiece delivers precision, efficiency, and versatility – making it a top choice for modern dental practices seeking to enhance patient care.

Investing in this high-quality handpiece pays dividends through improved outcomes.