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Where to Buy Acrylic Resin Glue for Dentures

acrylic resin materials made partical denture

Acrylic resin glue is a critical material for creating dentures in dental laboratories. It securely bonds the acrylic denture base to the denture teeth for a strong, reliable fit for the patient. This durable glue is resistant to saliva, making it ideal for denture fabrication. So where can you buy quality acrylic resin for dentures? Here are some key tips.

Key Features of Acrylic Resin Denture

  • Non-allergic and biocompatible with oral tissues
  • Long shelf life in dental labs
  • Can be used for orthodontic appliances and prosthetic bases
  • Provides a high polish surface
  • Resists dental stains and color change over time

Two packing options:

Packing typeShade Options
1000g per bagK1
Small cartridge – 20x45mm, 8.5gA1, A2, A3, K1, K2, K3, Clear.
Big cartridge   – 20x70mm, 17.5gA1, A2, A3, K1, K2, K3, Clear.

Where to Buy Acrylic Resin Denture

Dental Lab Shop is a top supplier of acrylic resin denture and other denture materials ready for quick shipping. They offer convenient options like:

  • Acrylic resin in 1000g packs or cartridges for partials
  • Shade selection choices
  • Empty aluminum cartridges sizes options
  • Retail and wholesale pricing

With Dental Lab Shop, you can easily select right acrylic resin you need online, pay via credit card or Paypal, and receive a tracking number for DHL/FedEx delivery after 2-4 days later. It’s a streamlined way to shop for quality denture materials.

For wholesale rates and DDP delivery(Delivery Duty Paid for International Purchasing) to your facility, you can contact the Dental Lab Shop sales team. They will provide specifics on products, shipping timeframes, and last mile delivery based on your location.

Denture Processing

The acrylic resin denture from suppliers like Dental Lab Shop can be efficiently processed in your laboratory through a denture injection system. This allows precise application and bonding strength.

So for your dental laboratory needs, look no further than acrylic resin denture materials from Dental Lab Shop. They offer the high quality materials and convenient shipping options to help you efficiently fabricate durable, customized dentures for your patients.