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Things to Consider When Purchasing Workstation For Dental Laboratory

Corner dental lab workstation configurations for two operators

The workstation or bench is essential equipment in a dental laboratory, providing a platform for dental technicians to fabricate prosthetics and adjust restorations with precise anatomical occlusions tailored to each patient. When setting up or outfitting a new dental laboratory, purchasing workstations is a key decision.

Here are some important considerations:

  1. Dental workstations are customized equipment.

While small instruments or supplies can be purchased off-the-shelf from dental supply stores or websites, workstations require negotiating details with dental lab equipment suppliers. Key customization options include color choices, length, and whether it’s a single or double operator workstation.

  1. Evaluate dental lab layout and workflow.

Every lab has a unique space and layout, so take time to decide which workstation styles best fit yours. Common options range from 1.2M, 1.5M, 1.75M, or 2.15M lengths for single or double operator stations. Three-piece corner configurations are also available. Map where technicians will sit, their handedness, and equipment access to optimize the workflow.

1.75M workstation for two operators specification:

Voltage220V/110V 50Hz ±10%
Power per station600W
Vacuum suction power500W
Motor power supplyLess than 1000W, adjustable
Overall length1.75M
Operators2 technicians
Overall structureStainless steel
Working surfaceMedium density fireproof material
Overall packing dimensions182x76x126mm
Net weight140Kg
Shipping Volume30 pcs per 40ft container
  1. Consider international suppliers.

Workstations don’t require complex high-tech manufacturing, so many laboratories source them cost-effectively from suppliers in China while meeting quality and functionality needs. However, you’ll need to arrange international shipping. Ask suppliers about lead times, sea freight costs, FOB port pricing, and delivered pricing options.

For door-to-door delivery, request DDP (delivered duty paid) pricing where the supplier handles all customs clearance, duties, and last-mile delivery. This avoids hassles at your end. Expect 2-9 weeks for sea shipments from China to other regions. Air freight can cut transit times by more than half but increases multiply costs.

  1. Choose durable, functional materials.

The worksurface should resist stains and scratches from daily use. Popular options include high-pressure laminates, chemical-resistant phenolic resin, or stainless steel. Likewise, check cabinet materials and drawer glides are up to daily use. Adjustable shelving, electrical outlets, and small part storage options add functionality.

  1. Accommodate technology needs.

Evaluate the space needed for digital lab equipment like 3D scaner, CAD/CAM milling units and others lab equipments. Some workstations accommodate these internally, on or underneath, providing efficient access. Also consider computer monitor mounts, media connections, and device recharging options. Proper lighting, both ambient and task, is also essential for precision work.

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  1. Optimize ergonomics.

Technicians work for hours in fixed positions, making ergonomics critical. Prioritize adjustable sit/stand heights, footrests, wrist supports, integrated lighting, and anti-fatigue mats. Chairs should have good lumbar support and range of motion. Position equipment, monitors, and tools within comfortable reach zones.

Following these guidelines will help dental laboratories purchase workstations tailored to their unique needs and workflow. While upfront costs are higher for customization, the boost to technician productivity, accuracy, and ergonomics pays dividends over the long term.

Where to get high-quality dental worksation

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