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How To Sterilize Dental Instruments In Autoclave

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Sterilize Dental Instruments Must-have Procedure In Every Clinic

Having an autoclave machine in your dental office is essential for providing safe and effective dental care. Autoclaves are a type of sterilizer that use high-pressure steam to sterilize instruments and tools, killing any bacteria or viruses that may be present. This ensures that patients can trust that their dental care is being done in a safe and sanitary environment. With an autoclave in your office, you can be sure that all tools and instruments used are properly sterilized and safe for use.

The benefits of daily autoclave sterilization of dental instruments include improved patient safety, lower risk of infection, and an improved patient experience. It also helps to ensure that instruments are in good working condition and that they can be used safely and effectively. Additionally, sterilization helps to extend the life of the instruments, making them last longer and reducing the need to replace them.

Maintaining a clean and safe environment in a dental office is of the utmost importance. One of the most essential instruments used in the dental office is the dental handpiece. This high frequency usage instrument requires daily sterilization with steam in order for it to be used safely and effectively. Therefore, it is important to understand the importance of taking the appropriate steps to ensure your dental handpiece is sterile and ready for use.

The basic procedure for sterilizing dental instruments (handpieces) in an autoclave is straightforward and easy to follow.

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1. Clean the dental handpieces with a brush and warm water, then use an ultrasonic cleaner to remove any debris.

Rinse the handpieces and dry them afterwards.

2. Apply lubricating oil to the components of the dental handpiece.

3. Appropriately package instruments in sterilization wraps, pouches, or cassettes(instruments).

4. Select appropriate sterilization cycle based on load size and autoclave type (typically 121°C for 15-30 mins)

5. Place the sealed pouch in a disinfectant solution and leave it for the recommended amount of time.

The best way to choose an autoclave for your dental office is to carefully consider your needs and research the available options.

dental sterilizer autoclave

Dental Lab Shop offers the top-touch dental sterilizer autoclave which meets the European Standard EN 13060 and is certified to the European Class B Standard. 

It is also safety tested for EN13060 with a three-stage pulse vacuum and drying function, with a vacuum degree up to -0.082Mpa. The remaining humidity of the instrument is less than 0.2%. 

It is suitable for all types of packaged, unpackaged, solid and Class A hollow, Class B hollow and Class B hollow with internal piping instruments for disinfection and sterilization.

Best features:

safety components
safety components features
CertificationMeets European Standard EN 13060 and certified to European Class B Standard
Vacuum SystemThree-stage pulse vacuum and drying function, vacuum degree up to -0.082Mpa
Instrument HumidityRemaining humidity of instruments less than 0.2%
Instrument CompatibilitySuitable for all packaged, unpackaged, solid and Class A, B, B with internal piping instruments
Sterilization TimeRapid process – takes just 25 minutes
DisplayTouch LED display shows temperature, time, alarms, etc.
Door ProtectionDouble door limit protection device
Temperature ProtectionAutomatic over-temperature protection from Texas, USA
Pressure SensorMOTOROLA precision sensor, 10 year lifetime
Water PumpLow noise Italian water pump, 100,000 cycle lifetime
Control ChipAmerican MCP high-speed chip for performance and accuracy
Control AlgorithmLatest PID algorithm for reliability and low failure rate
Data FunctionsBuilt-in printer and data output storage
Cycles6 sterilization and 2 test procedures to meet needs
Ease of UseUser friendly, convenient operation
Size OptionsAvailable in 18L and 23L

In conclusion-With its rapid 25 minute sterilization cycle and intuitive touchscreen display, this autoclave makes it simple to properly sterilize dental instruments. The double door protection, automatic temperature regulation, and built-in data storage give peace of mind that every cycle is safe and documented.

Precision components like the MOTOROLA sensor and Italian water pump ensure reliable performance for years to come. With cycles specially designed for handpieces, oral surgery tools, and other dental instruments, this autoclave streamlines your sterilization workflow. Just load, select the right cycle, and let the high-tech features do the work – you’ll have instruments ready to go in no time.