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Silicone Polishing Particles for Professional Dental Care

Professional Silicone Polishing Particles - Innovative dental polishing system with disposable silicone points, wheels & cups infused with aluminum oxide particles. Gentle daily use for dental office. No polishing paste needed. Packingļ¼š 25pcs silicon particles + 1pc mandrel, options: point, wheel, cup. Free shipping.  

HP XL 70mm Length Surgical Burs for Bone Cutting

Achieve smooth, accurate round bone cuts in dental surgery. Our 70mm length surgical burs for bone cutting. Head shape: Ball, spiral flutes. Diameter:from 1.0mm to 5.0mm. Free shipping.

Oral Surgery Burs

The wholesale price of oral surgery burs carbide online. Straight handpiece HP shank, length 44.5 mm,10pcs per box. Options: round, inverted cone, cylinder cross-cut, taper flat cross-cut. Order will be mixed size delivery at random in popular sizes. Free shipping.  

Debonding Bur

Wholesale prices of deboning burs. Coarse and medium polishing grits options, 3pcs in 3 different shapes per kit Application of finishing all orthodontic facial and lingual surfaces. Free shipping.

Zirconia Polishing Kit

Diamond Dental Zirconia Polishing Kit For Sale Online; 12pcs per kit, Free shipping.

Trephine Bur Kit

Trephine bur Kit wholesale prices online; trephine drill implant size: 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 5.5 mm each piece per kit; Free delivery.

FG Diamond Dental Bur Kit

FG Diamond Dental Bur Kit for sale online; 11 type of dental burs kit; 10 sets minimum, Free Delivery.

FG Diamond Burs Dental

Shop FG dental diamond burs online at best prices,free delivery; 10Pc/box; Diamond burs dental catalogue available to choose.

Zekrya Endo Z Safe Carbide Burs Dental

Buy Zekrya Endo Z Safe Carbide Burs Dental Online Shop; FG Shank, Length:21, 23, 25 mm, 5pcs/box; Free delivery.

Taper Extraction Carbide Burs

Buy Taper Extraction Carbide Burs Dental online shop; FG Shank, Length:25 mm, 28 mm, 32 mm, headĀ length:8 mm; Minimum 10pcs 2 box, free delivery.

Carbide Burs Dental Trimming And Finishing

Shop Carbide Burs Dental Trimming And Finishing FG shank Wholesale online; Each shape will be mixed size, delivered at random, 5Pcs/box; minimum 15Pc 3 box, Best price, Free delivery.

Contra Angle Dental Diamond Polisher

Shop Dental Zirconia Polisher RA shank Wholesale online; 4pcs per box; 12pc minimum, Best price, Free delivery.

Discover an extensive variety of dental burs, including diamond burs, carbide burs, and FG, HP, and RA shank options here, now available for sale online with free shipping!