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The dental articulator is a mechanical device that is used to simulate jaw motions. The upper and lower jaw plaster models are installed in the articulator by the dentist or dental technician. The goal is to map the patient’s proper biting position and build the prosthesis around it. This should ensure that the teeth seem identical to their natural counterparts.

An articulator is primarily used for diagnosis and planning, as well as for the fabrication of dentures, splints, and orthodontic devices.

The dental technician requires patient-specific information, such as an exact blueprint of the patient’s bite pattern, in order to complete an accurate job. The dental technician works with jaw models in the articulator that are in the proper bite position. He is particularly interested in how the temporomandibular joints work.

Types of articulators

With the advancement in dentistry different types of articulators have been introduced according to the need. Below listed are the different types of articulators’ used in dentistry:-

  1. Simple Hinge Articulators
  • Because the relationship of its axis of rotation to the teeth differs from that in vivo, it cannot be closed precisely when the jaw registration is removed; it is ineffective for the detection of CRCP deflective contacts.
  • There is no way to change the vertical dimension with precision.

If the casts are placed at the correct vertical dimension, it will preserve the intercuspal position and can thus be utilized for waxing in the intercuspal position

  • Because the hinge is loosened to allow some lateral mobility, the relative position of the ‘condyles’ does not correspond to that of the patient’s condyles, lateral and protrusive excursions are erroneous.
  • It does not allow for aesthetic considerations.

2. Semi-Adjustable Articulators


  1. Arcon type
  2. Non arcon type

Arcon articulators often include a removable upper member and are useful teaching tools since the fossae correlate to the patient’s posture. If castings are mounted in a non-Arcon articulator with a centric relation record, positioning them in the intercuspal position may be challenging since the condyles are confined by the fossae slots, which may prevent proper condylar mobility between the CRCP and the IP.

Semi Adjustable Dental Articulator Artex System

3. Facebows

If a facebow is utilized, final closure following removal of the jaw registration is straightforward and accurate enough for diagnosis with both types of semi-adjustable articulators. Average and kinematic facebows are the two varieties. The relationship of the mounted upper cast to the articulator’s joints corresponds to the relationship between the upper teeth in either type of facebow.

4. Fully adjustable articulator

A completely fully adjustable articulator replicates the temporomandibular joints’ movement in all dimensions and functional movements. They’re required in large or complicated restorative situations when a proper occlusion is being reestablished.


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