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Feature of Pmma Dental Material Used In Dentistry CAD/CAM

acetal dental pmma material crown and bridge produced in dental lab cad cam

Introduction of pmma dental material in CAD CAM Dentistry:

The cad cam for the dental lab is a digital dental process that is used to produce high-quality and long-lasting fabrications. Using this dentistry cad/cam technology, it is possible to produce all kinds of dental fabrications, starting from the single crown to the long-span bridges. This technique is introduced to enhance the dental industry and taking it to the next level.  

What is the use of Cad Cam for Dental Lab?

This cad cam for the dental lab comes with a system that includes digital scanning, digital design software, and a digital production system. In the production system, it can use a dental mill which may be a dental 3D printer. So, this dentistry cad cam will help the dentists to design the dental restoration of the patients, and also it will increase the production of the dental restorations.

Pmma dental material used in dental lab cad cam

This cad cam system is helping the dentist to provide high-quality dental services to the patients. It is not only used in the manufacturing process but also used in various engineering techniques. This digital dental pharma has been introduced to simplify the dental procedures so that the patient can complete their treatment in a single day, and to create a different range of dental restorations.

This kind of dentistry cam/cad has a wide range of benefits but the most important is it is used to fabricate the dental PMMA block which is a multi-layered long-term aesthetic ideal material. The main reason for introducing cad cam technology in the dentist’s industry is to provide comfortable treatments to the patients and also to improve the dental practice. Other than this, it has some other advantages which are;

  • You can start employing the latest materials which will make the dental practice highly-efficient and also makes the work easier
  • You can offer a  strong and durable solution to the patients and feel then more comfortable with your dental practices
  • It will save the time of the patients, where it will help to create a 3D design of the patient’s dental image on the computer screen, and then it is sent to the lab to get a faster and perfect design of the digital dental restoration. So, all these dental procedures can be completed in two or three days, otherwise, it will take more than 2 weeks
  •  Using the dentistry cad cam, you can able to see the outcome and this will help you to analyze the restoration with the patient. Also, it will help the patients to check what type of restoration will fit their requirements. Most dentists are preferring this kind of techniques by replacing the traditional process
  • It will improve the quality of the restoration, as the computer-aided design and manufacturing techniques will help to design a precise and accurate dental restoration. So, the restoration made by these techniques will fit well, and also it will last longer
  • It gets matches the color of your teeth by creating a natural look, and also it produces dental restorations of various color, shades, and sizes

Acetal Dental PMMA Block:

This acetal dental PMMA block is used as an alternative for the metal-free removable application, and it is a milled resin. It will be the best choice for metal-free applications and it can be also used for partial denture frameworks.

This PMMA dental material comes around 98mm in diameter cad cam block, and also using the milling system any kind of designs can be made such as Vhf, Imes icore, Sirona, mcx5, Roland, and so on. This PMMA block comes in six different shades such as A0, A1, A2, A3, pink, and clear.

Acetal dental pmma blocks for wieland

Others dentistry cad/cam system likewise amann girrbach,sirona inlab,zirkon zahn are also popular in the dental lab material market.

This acetal dental PMMA block is used to make dental crowns, bridges, inlays, and implants. Even though the product has a lower density still it offers high wear-resistant and high corrosion-resistant. Also, it has a lower hardness value so it will more comfortable to wear, and don’t cause any damage to your natural tooth. This PMMA block can be easily cleaned, and it has a high-intensity weight ratio. The PMMA block has good translucency and has high strength so it will be the perfect choice for dental materials. The block comes with a high-end finish and also it offers an aesthetic finish. It is safe to use for your oral activity, as it is easily compatible with the tooth, and also it won’t cause any toxic reactions. So, this acetal PMMA blocks will be the perfect choice for all kind of your dental requirements.

acetal dental pmma material crown and bridge produced in dental lab cad cam
Multi-layer Dental PMMA Disc:

The multilayer dental PMMA disc is perfectly blended together so that the disc will give natural look to the restoration. It is available in four shades and these four layers of color will change from incisal to cervical and also it will be high-aesthetic in nature. It comes with high-flexural strength so it will provide long-term results. This PMM disc is compatible with the open dental cad cam milling system.

multilayer dental pmma material cad cam block

Here are some features of the multi-layered dental PMMA disc;

  • After the cad cam milling, the multi-layered disc will give a good polishing performance
  • This disc will offer a long-term shade availability
  • All four shades of the dental PMMA disc will offer a high aesthetic restoration effect
  • In this dental disc, you can even get the Standard Vita 16 shade

This multi-layered PMMA disc is widely used because of its high strength and stability, excellent machinability, and has high-luster. Also, it has high biocompatible property so it is safe to use, and it won’t react with your soft tissues. This disc is mainly used for making temporary crowns and bridges. Using this, you can provide crowns or bridges of any color, and it will give a natural look.

In this multi-layer, you can able to see four layers that are layered in a single disc. It is lighter and very translucent, and also the shades will be darker in the cervical region. It comes with high-quality so it matches all your dental requirements. It will provide long-term results, so it would be a perfect option to choose from.

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