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Cosmetic Dental Zirconia Restoration Is Easy Made In Dental Lab

cosmetic dental zirconia restoration produced by dental lab cad cam technology

Dental zirconia restoration easily produced in dental lab

The CAD CAM dental zirconia restoration is widely used in many cosmetic treatments as it looks beautiful and also it seems natural. It is considered one of the advanced materials and it is used to make crowns or caps. It is preferred by most patients as it provides superior solutions for different dental procedures.Cosmetic dental zirconia restoration is easy to produced in dental lab.

Reason for using Zirconia for Dental Restoration

When compared to the traditional veneer and porcelain crown, this cosmetic dental zirconia veneer is widely used by people as it is thin, strong, and can complete the entire tooth structure. With the support of the dental cad cam milling, the dental laboratory is using zirconia for dental implants,crown,bridge,veneer etc to make different shades of teeth that will be matching to our existing teeth.

The dental zirconia block consists of no metals, so it is widely used in the dentist industry to make translucent or opaque crowns that will give a more natural look. The best part of the cosmetic dental zirconia is, it can be used anywhere in the mouth, and also it can able to handle the pressure of both the front teeth and the back teeth.

Because of its quality and high-usable property the zirconia for dental implants,crowns,bridge etc restoration is achieving more popularity; here are some of the advantages of cosmetic dental zirconia restoration;

  • Strength and durability are one of the best advantages of cosmetic dental zirconia. If you are looking for a stronger material, then this zirconia for dental restoration is considered the best choice
  • The zirconia has high-durable property, so it will provide long-lasting results, and has high longevity
  • The best thing about the cosmetic dental zirconia veneer is it has high biocompatibility property, so it doesn’t provoke the body by producing any kind reactions

Nowadays, most dentists prefer dental cad cam milling to prepare high-quality zirconia crowns, so that you can finish the dental procedure earlier. The main reason for using zirconia for dental restoration is it is highly aesthetic and conservative. It is an excellent choice for the dentist industry and also it improves the bond with the tooth structure.

In recent times, cosmetic dental zirconia is widely used because of its non-metallic color, versatility, and high fracture resistance. It increases the bond with the tooth, so it helps in providing long-term results.

This kind of zirconia is used to manufacture the tooth and crown, as it is strong in design and also it is manufactured using two-piece flexibility. The reason for the success of the cosmetic dental zirconia is it favorably responds with the soft tissues. A wide variety of designs are available in the zirconia for dental restoration that includes tapered design, two-piece, and screw-retained. These kinds of designs will come with the customized options so that they can fit into any kind of clinical situation.

3D Multi-Layer Dental Zirconia Block

This multilayer dental zirconia block is noted for its shade and translucency. Also, this is widely noted for its strength, and this zirconia block is specially made for the open dental cad cam milling system such as Roland, Wieland ,Sirona mcx5,Imes icore, mcx5, Wieland, Vhf, etc. More over the multilayer dental zirconia block are also available for amann girrbach,zirkonzahn,sirona inlab dental milling system.

3D multilayer dental zirkonzahn zirconia disc

Some of the most important and notable features of this multi-layer dental zirconia block is that:

3D multi layer dental zirconia feature
  • In this type of zirconia block, you can get the Vita 16 A-D shades are available
  • You will get 6 shades of color that will match your natural teeth color. So, the zirconia block won’t be visible, and from cervical to incisal all shades are available
  • It has a high translucency which comes around 43% to 57% and the total light transmittance will range from the cervical to incisal
  • It has high flexural strength which ranges from 600 to 900 Mpa. Also, the strength may come around 600Mpa in incisal transfer and 900Mpa in the cervix part
3D dental zirconia layer proportion and strength

You don’t need any hand coloring as it matches exactly with the natural color. This type of block is focused on the multilayer ceramic restoration so that the density of the block will be achieved. This block comes with the multi-layer feature, it will offer the best and excellent solutions for all kinds of tooth requirements,and it will meet the individual clinical expectation. It comes with high thickness so there it won’t experience any wear or tear and can be used for long-term applications.

Dental Zirconia Veneer Cosmetic Block-Ivoclar Vivadent Bleach Shade:

This profession of dental zirconia block for veneer is made of ultra-translucent zirconium oxide, so it will guarantee a natural look. It offers extreme flexural strength of around 700Mpa.

Multi layer dental zirconia veneer cosmetic material feature

This multi-layer dental zirconia block comes in six different colors so it will match exactly with your color of the teeth. Also, it comes with four Ivoclar Vivadent bleach shade which is BL1, BL2, BL3, and BL4. The best part of this zirconia block is it has a light transmittance of 49% and the sintering temperature of the block comes around 14350C to 14500c.

Ivoclar Vivadent bleach shade guide for teeth zirconia veneer cosmetic

Also, this cosmetic dental zirconia veneer material will give a fuller, truer, and richer life. Even you can customize you whitening cosmetic treatment according to your needs, and even it is used to form a shell-like tooth structure. When it is applied over the surface of the teeth, no wear and tear action of the teeth will affect this zirconia cosmetic.It has high flexural strength so it will help in providing long-lasting results.  

This type of dental zirconia veneer material is used for high aesthetic monoclinic crowns and bridges. Also, this can be used for high aesthetic veneering and used in monothic anterior veneer cosmetic restorations. Also, it can be easily compatible with your tooth, so it won’t react once the zirconia crown is placed in the mouth. So, if you are looking for a way to create aligned and beautiful shaped teeth then you can prefer this dental zirconia veneer cosmetic block. Also, this kind of dental zirconia material doesn’t contain any metal substrate or core material. The light reflection and refraction property of the cad cam dental block will resemble the natural color of the teeth. This is one of the most preferred materials.

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