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How to find a good dental lab supplier

Dental supplies can bring back life to lost smiles. But for that, one needs to find a good dental lab supplier.

No matter if you are a dentist, a dental lab technician, or a dental hygienist, one has to purchase various dental supplies. Choosing the right dental lab supplier is often becomes a matter of choice based on individual needs. Absence of appropriate dental lab tools and dental lab equipment it is not possible to deliver the best dental service to the patients.  Let’s check how to choose the best dental lab.

Choosing the right dental lab supplier

Deciding on a dental laboratory is one of the most crucial decisions one has to make as a dental practitioner. But starting the process and fixing the right parameters for searching baffles many. Here are 8 ways to do that.

1. Product Quality

High-quality dental lab denture material is vital for any dental practice. One must check if the supplier provides genuine materials from manufacturers. Some suppliers offer cheap products. They should be discarded as cheap products result in a poor final product and that puts the reliability of dental service in doubt. Go through the reviews and also check in the industry circle for quality commitments of the supplier.

2. Range of supplies

Checking the range of products available on the inventory of a dental lab supplier is also important. Even, the construction of a single dental product requires several dental pieces of equipment. As such, a wide range of inventory is essential for choosing suitable equipment. The supplier must also have a dental zirconia block for rendering CAD/CAM dentistry.

3. Consistency

Providing premium quality material once does not suffice for a dental lab supplier. They have to deliver the same level of quality every time in all supplies. So, one should acquire knowledge about their performance from reviews and professional circles before giving a nod.  Also, enquire about their turn-around time. In this way, you will be able to deliver the same quality of service to the patients.

4. Cost-effectiveness

Like any other sector, dental labs also frame their budgets. So, one must consider the price before buying anything. Some dental lab suppliers offer discounts. It makes the supplies economical and cost-effective. Some also offer free delivery. These help to save money. So, one must check all these parameters to pick the right supplier.

5. Fast and reliable delivery

The delivery of the supplies is also important. One should choose a supplier who delivers fast and with sufficient care. Only a safe delivery procedure can prevent damage to dental equipment during transit. The average delivery time should be a minimum. It will go a long way to avoid inconveniences.

6. Established return and exchange policies

Sometimes, the material and equipment purchased might not be suitable for the dental lab. Such situations necessitate the return and exchange of the goods. So, one must always buy from a dental lab supplier who has an established return and exchange policy. It will help to return the faulty things and get the correct ones. One should also procure warranty cards to avoid any inconvenience.

7. After-sales service and support

As a dental practitioner, one has to reply to the queries of patients. Similarly, dental lab suppliers should promptly reply to all queries about supplies. The supplier must have an active phone number so that they can be contacted when required. One should pick only those suppliers who respond promptly.

8. Commitment to education

The dental service sector is expanding with the inclusion of new technologies. The relationship between dental practices and suppliers should extend beyond supplying material and equipment.  A dental lab supplier must also be aware of the evolving technologies for supplying the latest products. A supplier committed to education will give the practice confidence to satisfy patients.

Some dental lab machines to consider

Vacuum mixer dental machine

This dental machine is ideal for mixing and vibrating both investment and molded materials. Because of mixing under vacuum, the process does not yield any bubble which provides a great advantage. It also makes the mold more compact and firm. The machine has a bowl capacity of 500ml and it runs on 220V AC. It is also very easy to use. Pour oil into the vacuum pump, and connect it with the mixer. Now plug in the machine and turn the material in the bowl into a paste by stirring. Now pre-set the mixing time and switch on the mixer.

dental vacuum mixer machine

Dental sandblaster machine

It works great in polishing the porcelain crown surfaces. Coming with a twin pen it can polish materials of varying degrees of hardness. It operates on 220V, 50Hz Ac and can exert 4kg/cm pressure that yields a strong sandblasting power. The transparent bottles let operators observe the state of the sand during the process. It is easy to operate and repair.

sandblaster dental lab equipment

Pindex dental machine

It is a pinhole drilling unit used for drilling precision, minute holes in prosthesis and dental models. It can drill at 15,000 RPM and yield accurate pinholes even in hard stones. Loaded with a laser system it entails accurate positioning for drilling operations. These are very efficient and boast several technical features. It comes with an automatic drilling mechanism that works with a single touch. The power requirement is 220 V and 50Hz. The Pindex dental machine comes with an external suction. It removes dust and debris from the hole and helps to clean the equipment. Being ergonomically designed, it is easy to use in both standing and sitting positions.

pindex dental machine-giroform model system

Dental polymerize cooker

It is perfect for polymerizing different kinds of dental materials. It requires 2000W power and runs on 220V AC, 50 Hz.  The working temperature ranges from 0 to 100ºC and can be adjusted.  It is easy to install and comes with a one-year warranty.

dental lab polymerizer for sale


A reliable dental lab supplier is vital for a satisfying dental practice. Choosing them is just like looking for the best friend since childhood. Now that you know the criterion for choosing, use those to find the right one. One should pick only those who can deliver quality goods consistently.