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The Power of Portable: Mobile Dental Units Transform Patient Care

mobile brushless dental E-motor

Providing dental care anywhere, anytime is now possible with portable and mobile dental equipment. These innovative technologies are revolutionizing dentistry by increasing flexibility, access, and efficiency. Dentists can easily transport portable dental units to provide on-site care at locations from hospitals to schools.

Mobile options like portable dental office allow dentists to bring quality care directly to underserved communities. With greater portability and lower costs, portable dental equipment enables dentists to serve more patients in more places. This transformative equipment is making comprehensive, convenient dental care a reality for all.

The 3 best portable dental units are air turbine, electricity powered options.

  1. Brushless Electric Motor Build-in Water System
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A lightweight, electric powered portable dental unit with built-in water supply system, providing consistent rotation speed and forward/reverse rotation control. It has a standard e-type motor connection, inner water supply, and LED light, ideal for integrating with 1:1 direct drive or 1:5 fiber optic electric handpieces.


Speed2,000 – 40,000 rpm
Torque3.4 Ncm
Power InputAC 24V / DC 36V
Motor Sizeφ22 × L71 mm
Motor Weight67 g
Noise<60 dB
Handpiece ConnectorE-type International Standard
Handpiece Options1:1 Straight and Contra-angle, 1:5 Electric Handpiece
Motor Water SupplyInner Water Spray Built-in
Light SourceLED (White Light)
Supply Air Pressure1.5 L/min or more
Supply Water Pressure65 mL/min or more
Controller SizeL130 x W55 x H21 mm

2. MINI Portable Dental Unit, Powered By Air Compressor

A mini portable dental unit with a built-in compressor, two 4-hole handpiece connections, air/water systems, auto-sensing saliva ejector suction, and drainage. It has a simplified operation, pull-up trolley case, and hard shell surface. Safety features include overheating and overcurrent protections. Options include air scaler, air abrasion, and LED curing light.

Self-contained All-In-One Dentistry System

Technical and Components:

Power Supply220V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz
Power Rating550W
Air Flow40L/Min
Starting Pressure0.4MPA+0.05
Maximum Pressure0.8MPA+0.05
High Speed Handpiece Pressure0.3MPA+0.05
Low Speed Handpiece Pressure0.3MPA+0.05
Noise Level25-30dB
Net Weight20KG
Gross Weight22.7KG
Packing Size550mm x 340mm x 510mm
Components– Aluminium casting container, 1 set
– High speed handpiece pipe, 1 set
– Low speed handpiece pipe, 1 set
– 3-way syringe, 1 set
– Oilless air compressor, 1 set
– Water bottle, 1 set
– Suction system, 1 set
– Drain bottle, 1 set
– Foot control, 1 set

3. Mobile Dental System All In One

mobile dental office set

An all-in-one mobile dental system with a built-in compressor, onboard water system, suction, and full dental capabilities. It has a basic dental chair functions and intuitive foot pedal. Equipped for high-speed, low-speed, and auto-sensing saliva ejector connection piple, allowing use of air scaler, air abrasion, and prophy polisher handpieces. Provides flexibility for dentists to perform various treatments and provide quality care.


SpecificationPlugin Options220V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz
SpecificationAir Flow40L/Min
SpecificationStarting Pressure0.4MPA±0.05
SpecificationMaximum Pressure0.8MPA±0.05
SpecificationHigh Speed Handpiece Working Pressure0.3MPA±0.05
SpecificationLow Speed Handpiece Working Pressure0.3MPA±0.05
SpecificationNet Weight28KG
SpecificationGross Weight30KG
ComponentHigh Quality Aluminum Alloy Casing1 pc
Component3-Way Syringe1 pc
ComponentHigh Speed Handpiece Tube1 pc
ComponentLow Speed Handpiece Tube1 pc
ComponentHigh Suction (Adjustable)1 pc
Component6L Air Tank1 pc
ComponentWater Bottle1 pc
ComponentDrain Bottle1 pc
ComponentFoot Control1 pc

Versatile Application:Dental Program or Laboratory

This portable dental unit is the perfect tool for dentistry case demonstration, dental lab prosthetic production, and other academic communication in school. This simple, yet effective dental unit is ideal for training purposes in educational institutions. The portability of this dental unit makes it easy to use for a variety of dental activities, such as case demonstrations and prosthetic production. 

With its convenient size and multiple uses, this dental unit is a great asset for any school’s dental program.


Portable and mobile dental equipment provides dentists with immense benefits and flexibility. The ability to easily transport equipment makes it possible to provide care in a variety of settings beyond the traditional dental office. This increases access to care, especially in remote areas or for patients with limited mobility.

With greater portability and lower costs than traditional office setups, mobile dentistry breaks down barriers to quality dental care. While they require some adjustments to workflows, portable dental technologies ultimately give dentists the freedom to serve more patients in more places.

By embracing these innovative tools, dentists can expand their reach and provide outstanding care whenever and wherever needed.