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 45° Contra-angle Handpiece

Discover the versatility and enhanced access of our 1:5 45° Contra-Angle Handpiece! Combining the advantages of surgical straight and contra-angle handpieces, it offers exceptional vision and improved treatment site visibility. Even in patients with smaller mouths, easy access to molars is achieved. Free shipping.

 Endo Handpiece For Apex Locator

Endo Handpiece For Apex Locator for sale online; Contra angle endo attachment, ratio: 16:1, push button; Free shipping.

20:1 Reduction Contra Angle Handpiece

Surgical Contra Angle Handpiece; 20:1 speed reduction surgical handpiece. Fiber optic, inner water and external water spray options. Free shipping. Free Delivery.

3D Obturator Handpiece Filling System

The Obtura 3D is an innovative wireless electric obturator handpiece for thermoplasticized gutta percha root canal filling. It allows smooth extrusion for dense, bubble-free canal filling. With adjustable heating, lithium battery, and auto-cleaning, it's an effective gutta percha filling system for endodontic procedures. Free shipping.

4:1 Contra-angle Hand piece

Speed 4:1 contra-angle hand piece for sale online; Push-button, Fiber optical light; 3 types of head available here for your dentistry options; Hand-piece attachment head is disassemble, KaVo compatibility. Free shipping.

Air Abrasion Handpiece

Air abrasion handpiece dental unit for sale online, standard 2 and 4 holes, NSK PTL, Kavo coupling system optional available, free shipping.

Air Turbine Handpiece Anti Retraction

One holes Push button air turbine handpiece, anti-retraction for sale online; 45° angled, standard options; Free shipping. Purchase more then 10pcs get one free, contact us to get less-priced discount.

Contra angle Endo Handpiece

10:1 Dental Contra angle Endo Handpiece For Sale Online; Push button 90° reciprocating handpiece for all standard hand files; Free shipping.

Contra-angled Handpiece Accessories | KaVo Compatibility

Conra-angled handpiece accessories best offer here. Contra-angle handpiece attachment and e-type motor with various types of options. Kavo dentistry system compatibility. Free shipping.

Dental Handpiece Cartridge

Shop Dental Handpiece Cartridge Wholesale online; 6 Month life span; 5pc minimum,Best price,Free delivery.

Endodontic Activator

Endo activator system is great for disinfection of root canal systems. Ultrasonic endodontic activator LED light feature. Free shipping.

Fiber Optic Hand piece-KaVo Multiflex Quick Coupling System

High Speed Fiber Optic Hand piece Best Deal. KaVo Multiflex quick coupling system compatibility. Hand piece head options of mini, standard, torque, 45° angle fiber optic light, and non-light options. Free shipping.

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