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Types of Dental Lab Equipment

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Instroduction of types of dental lab equipment application

The dental lab is responsible for all fabrication-related steps after the initial dental evaluation. A successful dental lab construction required dental technician skills and the precise use of dental lab equipment. The quality of material used also plays a fundamental role in processing. Dental technicians have the expertise in the customized appliances fabrications. The whole process of customization demands a skilled use of instruments and materials. In each step of processing, various dental lab equipment is used. Few are common for all the appliances, while others are unique to each product. Let’s discuss the types of Dental Lab Equipment.

  • Mold or model Forming Equipment.

The first step in the dental lab after receiving the impression from the dental clinic is the pouring of the impression. It produces a replica of the oral cavity that assist in the customization. The mold is formed by dental plaster. The instruments used in the process are Dental Rubber mixing Bowls, Dental Model Base Formers or Dental Laboratory Plaster Arch Formers. The base of the model can help in articulation and wax pattern formation. Dental Lab Model Base Formers Plate with magnetic attachment also used for the mold formation. Dental Vibrator is used in the poring of dental plater in mold. 

  • Dental Wax Up Equipment’s

The dental plaster model is used for the dental wax-up. A wax pattern is formed that is used for future clinical steps. Dental Carving Wax Block used for the fabrication of wax patterns. The wax pattern can be carved or trimmed by the Dental Lab Wax Carver Instrument Kit. The instruments in the kit can be heated on flame and developed a smooth and contoured wax pattern. The wax-up instruments have a working end and a wooden handle. Most instruments are also double-ended that are more convenient and reliable.

  • Articulating and calibrating the instrument.

It’s the most important step in the denture and appliance fabrication to create better fitting and harmony with the arches. Dental articulators are available in various types and sizes. Anatomic Dental Lab Articulator, Dental Articulator Artex BN, Fully Adjustable Dental Articulator-Artex Cr and Semi Adjustable Dental Articulator are the most commonly used articulating equipment’s. The calibration helps to achieve customization and the Artex Dental Facebow is used for this purpose. The perfect articulation is necessary for the customization of a denture and dental appliances.

  • Denture base Fabricating equipment.

The denture base is usually fabricated by the Flexible Denture Material. The denture material is an acrylic-based material available in a whitish and pink hue. The pink colors match with the natural gums and the white base is for the orthodontic appliances. Dental Flask for Denture Injection System helps to form a denture base with the injection molding pressure technique. The material used in the flask is stainless steel that can tolerate the temperature of high boiling water. The material of base forming instruments is non-reactive and non-degradable.

  • Trimming and Finishing Equipment:

In the final step of fabrication, the equipment’s needs are called trimming and finishing instruments. They remove the excess material and smooth their surfaces. The finding instruments are like Dental High-Speed Grinder and Model Trimmer Dental Wheel. All the instruments work precisely by a professional dental technician. They are electrically driven and connected with the energy source. The frequency and speed of trimming equipment can easily control. They have a long shelf-life if followed by the instructions provided by the supplier that concern the care and safety of the instrument.

  • Polishing Equipment:

The polishing equipment smooths the surface and brings a shine to appliances. It also enhances their durability and reduces the chances of traumatic injury. The polished surfaces of dentures reduce the adherence of plaque and food makes it more hygienic. The polishing is usually the last step of any appliance fabrication. the equipment used for polishing are Dental Lab Rubber Polishing Wheel, Dental Electrolytic Polisher, Dental Polishing Lathe. The polishing material used in the dental lab changes depending upon the material used for the construction of the appliance. The metallic base casts dentures have a hard abrasive, while acrylic dentures use soft polishing materials.

The dental equipment can also classify based on its use. They can be Disposable or Non-disposable dental lab equipment.

  • Disposable dental lab Equipment’s:

Disposable equipment prevents the chances of cross-contamination. They are only for single use and disposed of after their use. The plastic impression trays and disposable diagnostic tools are for only single use. Disposable instruments are a little expensive, but they make sure safe dental preparation.

  • Non- Disposable dental lab Equipment’s:

They are mostly metallic instruments and made of multiple-time use. They can be sterilized in an autoclave or hot oven to avoid contamination. To prevent the rusting of non-disposable instruments, prefer stainless-steel Equipment. Dental articulators, dental handpieces are the most common-used stainless-steel instruments used in the dental lab.

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