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A Learning Guide On How To Set Up The Dental Lab For Denture

dental laboratory for dentures

In the dental industry, the advent of innovation and technology is getting increased day by day, and we can see the biggest advancements in the dental industry. Now, people are going for dentures and the treatment for dentures has become common, where the dentures are nothing but false teeth.

If you prefer dentures, they will help patients treat any teeth or people with any dental problems. In earlier days, it is difficult to solve teeth alignment problems, but now dentistry will solve it easily with the right dentures.

Why are dentures really needed in the dental lab?

The dentures are also called false teeth, and it has become necessary in the dental lab, as today most people are facing teeth problems. In the denture treatment, the patient will get prosthetic teeth, and it will give the same natural smile, so it won’t make your teeth look artificial. Dentures are the best alternative issues for any kind of cosmetic and teeth health issues.

In the denture laboratory, dentures are made of a variety of materials, and depending on the type of teeth loss, the material of the denture will vary. If you are planning for the full plate, which is both for the upper and lower jaw, then the polymer or resin mold is recommended. This type of material will offer both comfort and a good-looking appearance. Other than this, people will also get a couple of options for the denture materials such as acrylic resin, porcelain, and others.  

What are dentures made of?

There are varieties of dental lab supplies or materials (zirconia blocks, cobalt chrome dental alloy, acrylic materials) and others. If you are planning for the denture lab, then there are certain things that your laboratory should definitely have. So here we have listed out some of the materials used in the dental lab for dentures, let’s find that.

  • Zirconia blocks

Zirconia blocks are the most widely used material in the dental field, and it is mainly used to process dentures and also dental crowns, dental bridges, and others. This is considered the new generation of porcelain that offers better aesthetics, good clinical performance, and biocompatibility.

Zirconium block is one of the best alternative options for the metal alloy, and it not only satisfies the dentist but also the patients as it comes for a longer time. The durability and biocompatibility are the two main reasons why zirconia blocks are used in various prostheses.

3D Multi layer dental zirconia block online
Figure zirconia block:
  • Chrome cobalt

Chrome Cobalt metal denture is a combination of cobalt and chrome, and the main reason for using this combination in the denture is to prevent corrosion. Even though this is considered strong material, but feels light, so the best option for the denture. This material will make the denture look thinner and at the same time, it ensures to offer comfort to the patients.

This chrome cobalt denture is suitable for those who often damage their conventional dentures, and in most cases, only the partial or single-tooth denture can be made from this material.   

Cobalt chrome denture dental alloy
Figure cobalt chrome dental alloy product:
  • Acrylic resin

The acrylic dental lab material is used when you need a denture for a specific spot in the mouth, and also it is a lightweight material. The acrylic material is similar to plastic so it is the cheaper material that will come under the patient’s budget.

In the dental lab, acrylic resin is used as the base for making the dentures, and during the process, they will be heat-cured, cold-cured, and self-cured. This is also the most preferred material if you are planning to make custom denture teeth. Also, it is better to be careful while mixing acrylic with other materials, and if you maintained it properly, it will come for 5 to 10 years.  

Pink Acrylic Resin Denture Material
Figure acrylic resin dental material:
  • Flexible polymer

The flexible polymer is mainly used for partial dentures and it is made of nylon or other types of thin thermoplastics. When compared to acrylic resin dentures, this material is thinner and softer. This is not the common material used in denture processing, but you can wear this if you are looking for flexible materials.

The flexible denture will adapt to the shape of the teeth and the gum, and it will literally be fixed into the position once it has been inserted.

  • Porcelain

The porcelain denture is mainly known for its durability and also it is stronger when compared to other materials. The porcelain dentures are made by the heating process which will give the feel of glass-like dentures, so not only adding strength to the denture, but also it will give a translucent and natural appearance to the teeth.

The porcelain is much like the polymer and resin base, and depending on the color of the patient’s natural teeth, the porcelain denture can be adjusted. For the custom-made denture, porcelain is the one that is recommended, as it will match the color and texture of the natural teeth.  

Best dental lab materials of Dentine porcelain powder
Figure porcelain dentin powder:
Dentsply Ceramco 3 Opaque Dentin Powder for sale online
Figure Opaque Dentin Powder:

Other equipment in the denture lab:

Apart from the materials, there is also other dental laboratory equipment that will be present for the processing of dentures.

list of dental lab equipment
List of denture lab equipment
  • Your lab should have a denture injection system that helps to make the flexible dentures and it guarantees the product with strong physical and mechanical properties
  • Then the dental flask or dental muffle is more like a container and it is used to contain the mold, where the dental prosthesis will be made
  • The polishing lathe is also used which is used to cutting, polishing, and enamel the metal, resins, and so on
  • The pressure pot is used in the polymerization of the dental dentures
dental lab denture injection equipment
Figure denture injection system:
lower america dental flask
Figure dental flask:
dental lab polymerizer for sale
Figure Dental Laboratory Polymerizer:
dental polishing lathe for sale
Figure dental polishing lathe:

Bottom Line: 

We are living in a world where missing teeth or any kind of teeth problem is difficult to solve, as the advancement of technology in the dental field made it easy. Here, the dental techniques help to make a plate of the tooth of different colors which helps to manage the teeth. So, if you are planning for a dental lab for dentures, then make sure, you have all the right equipment.