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A Complete Guide On Dental Handpiece Supplier

electric dental handpiece

The incorporation of the dental handpiece into the dental industry has resulted in various benefits. The handpiece supplier and manufacturer provides the must-needed equipment for your daily tasks, and it will ensure to offer optimal oral health.

The handpiece is considered the fundamental equipment and it helps to enhance the efficiency of daily tasks. Throughout the years, dental handpieces are getting redesigned and upgraded, and now they have become the most accurate and highly sophisticated tool in the dental industry.

What exactly is the dental handpiece?

The dental handpiece will play a vital role in the daily routine of dental tasks, and the dental handpiece is also known as the “dental drill”. They are a kind of mechanical instrument that is used to perform a variety of common dental procedures including polishing fillings, dental decay, altering prostheses, and other dental procedures.

The handpiece comes in two different types;

  • Air-driven handpiece
  • Electric handpiece

These two handpieces come with unique characteristics, and both have specific advantages and drawbacks. Still, the air-driven and electric handpiece will perform well depending on the required dental tasks.

Air Driven Handpiece:

The air driven was manufactured 60 years ago when the dental industry didn’t have enough innovation and technology. So, many dentists use this air-driven high-speed handpiece which helps the dentists to work expeditiously and also reduces the trauma to the tooth and patient.

Then belt-driven handpieces were made and after a few years, certain changes in the design of the air-driven handpiece were made such as ergonomic design, smaller head for easy access, turbines quieter, and easier bur change. Now, most handpiece supplier has both high and low-speed handpieces.

Electric Handpiece:

The electric handpiece comes with more benefits when compared to the traditional dental handpiece, but it will perform the same functions. Some dentist prefers electric handpiece, as here they don’t have to buy low and high-speed separately.

Also, the electric handpiece offers customized benefits to performing other kinds of dentistry applications easily, and this is very desirable in today’s dental industry. Even the control panels of the electric handpieces are becoming more automated, and it will allow the operator to use using the RPM for the specific procedure, likewise endodontic, orthodontic polishing, implant, and prophy cup polishing.

Speed 4:1 electric handpiece endodontic application

The polishing procedure can be done at a lower speed so that the heat generation can be reduced. Some models have torque control and automatic reverse feature for endodontics. The electric handpiece comes with fine motor preparation refinements and polishing procedures.

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Few dental handpiece supplier products:

  1. Air Driven Handpiece

This high-speed dental handpiece can be operated at high speed and is mainly used for trimming and cutting applications. This is the traditional handpiece only, but here the head will be standard and also comes with a compatible oral cavity.

One of the excellent features of this high-speed handpiece is its rotation ability and it is entirely made of stainless steel. The specific applications of this high-speed handpiece are it can be used for dental tissue cutting, bone trimming, and removal of restorations. It is also used for dental crown cutting, removal of caries, and other restorative procedures.

high speed handpiece NSK Compatibility
High-speed handpiece with NSK coupling system
high speed wrench handpiece
Wrench handpiece high speed

This fiber optic push button is also a high-speed handpiece and even it is used for cutting and trimming, but here there will be no heat generation. This dental handpiece has a 4-hole to the 6-hole system, and there are separate water spray holes. The best part is that the push button can be easily sterilized after application, and the inner system is completely corrosion resistant.

This type of option push button handpiece is mainly used for cutting tooth structure, preparing cavities for restoration or crowns, and sectioning the tooth during the surgery.  

Fiber optic handpiece dental air turbine
Fiber optic dental handpiece high speed, KaVo coupling compatibility
  • 450 Contra-angle handpiece

450 Contra-angle handpiece combines the benefits of the surgical straight handpiece and contra-angle handpiece. Most dentists prefer this kind of dental handpiece as it provides enhanced access, and offers a better vision for the treatment at the same time. This is suitable for patients with small mouths and access to the motor is greatly facilitated.

It offers numerous benefits, and there is no need for large-scale dispersion of the soft tissues in the cheek region during wisdom tooth extractions. The instrumental high-speed, professional cooling system and tiny attachment head are some of the benefits of this handpiece.

angled air turbine handpiece
45 ° angled air turbine high-speed handpiece, NSK coupling compatibility.

2. Motor

  1. Restorative handpiece set

This handpiece set is a 6-hole handpiece and it comes with a LED light and an air-driven motor. Some of the excellent features of this handpiece set are external water set, internal water set, and internal water set with fiber optic.

They are mainly used for the optimal dentistry treatment function and successful clinical outcomes. Also, this handpiece set will provide the basic dental applications, and along with this, it helps to provide endodontics, hygiene, polishing, and restorative applications.

handpiece set-straight, contra angle, E-motor
Handpiece set, 6 holes E-motor
internal handpiece set
Straight, contra-angle, E-motor handpiece set in inner water spray design
external dental handpiece set
External water spray handpiece set

This portable brushless micromotor comes with LED light and an e-type connector. One of the best benefits of the micromotor is fast and efficient cutting ability. Also, they have portable and comfortable handling.

This motor can be used at three different speeds such as low, high, and medium speed and you can get various ranges of speed in a single motor. Whatever the speed is, it doesn’t provide any noise, and it employs high torque. It is completely made of stainless steel and plastic.

This LED portable micromotor is mainly used for cutting, trimming, and finishing acrylic dentures. It is also used for shaping, trimming, and caste model preparation.   

LED Light 45° contra-angle dental handpiece
LED clinical motors to drive electric handpieces for extraction wisdom teeth application

3. Electric Handpiece

The electric handpiece is available in ratios like 4:1, 1:5, 16:1, and contra-angle (straight) 1:1.

endodontic handpiece
Ratio 4:1 endodontic handpiece
Speed adjustable electric handpiece application in dentistry
1:5 SPEED CONTRA-ANGLE RED handpiece dental
Ratio 1:5 high-speed handpiece

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