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The Benefits Of Endo Supplies In The Dental Industry

wireless endo motor with build in apex locator

Endodontic treatment is the latest technology and the less invasive treatment. The treatment mainly involves preserving a tooth in which the pulp has been damaged in some way. The endodontic supplies play a huge role as they provide relief to the tooth pain, and help to save your natural teeth.

The endodontic equipment has a considerable benefit while performing root canal therapy, as the equipment enables not provide any discomfort to the patient. Some of the best endo supplies used in the dental industry are endo files, endo handpieces, apex locators, electric motors, and others.

Role of endodontic supplies in the dental industry:

The endodontic equipment is mainly designed to address the challenges in the treatment efficiently and to suggest healthy ways to the patients so that the patient will have a better outcome and practice growth. Most dental treatment is possible using endodontic supplies only, as it will provide a supportive foundation for longer-life restorations.

Let’s see a few endodontic supplies which are as follows;

  • Endo Guide Burs is a perfectly engineered instrument and it will increase the visibility during canal access, also it will minimize the intrusion and helps to retain the strength of the natural teeth by providing a stronger foundation for restoration
Endo Z safe carbide burs dental supplies
Endo Z Bur
Contra Angle Carbide Burs Dental
Contra-angle carbide burs

Endo Files are surgical instruments that are mainly used in root canal treatment, and during the treatment, it helps to clean and shape the root canal. Also, it will remove the damaged or infected material so that the apex of the tooth root can be opened.

  • An endodontic Handpiece is specially used to clean and shape the canals during the root canal treatment. These handpieces are designed in such a way that they can drive the endo files with precision and can prevent binding of file breakage.  

The endodontic comes in different ratios as the ratio indicates the suitable procedures which will be performed using the handpiece. Some of the commonly used endodontic handpiece ratios are 4:1 and 16:1.

dental handpiece Reduction Contra Angle parameter
Speed 4:1 contra-angle endo handpiece
Fiber optic led light endodontic handpiece
Speed 16:1 endo rotary handpiece
  • Blue rotary files are heat treated to increase the endo file flexibility and reduce shape memory processing property. Endo rotary files are anatomically designed that offer great strength, flexibility, and safety for longer years. Its main role is to preserve the natural teeth as much as possible, and it provides a clear indication of the treatment objectives.
heat activation Blue Niti Rotary Files Dental Endo Files
Heat-treated blue endo rotary files
  • ExactTaper, ExactFlow, and Exact Guide are used for the control and shaping objectives and they are mainly used with the endo files. These endo supplies offer more flexibility.
One single rotary file

Root canal therapy is one of the most common dental issues experienced by patients in recent times, so every dental lab is incomplete without having endodontic supplies. The most recommended place to get all endo supplies is Dental Lab Shop. Dental Lab Shop is a dental online supply store, and they help with worldwide shipping.

Few recommended endo supplies:

The apex motor is an electronic instrument that operates based on frequency, resistance, and impedance. These devices consist of a monitor that is attached by the cable, lip hook, and clip, and all these things are connected to the endodontic element which presents close to the electrical circuit.

The main application of the apex locator is it determines the working length within the root canal. While performing the endodontic operation, this apex locator is used to determine the length of the coronary point which is taken as the reference to another located apex of the root.

endo motor works with apex locator

The endo motor wireless devices are designed to facilitate the endodontic process and during the process, it allows more incredible speed and convenience in canal preparation. This device consists of 10 memory modes and the dentist can set different torque and speed depending on the different types of files.

Speed, torque, apex sensitivity can be adjusted for each procedure

The reciprocating endodontic file is the new standard in the endodontic, and it brings simplicity to root canal shaping. Also, it works in an alternate location so it will continuously change the direction of the rotation during the confrontation of ducts.

endodontic reciprocating one file

The rotary files wave one gold system is used in the endodontic treatment and it is mainly used for the cleaning and shaping of the root canals. These files will constantly change their direction back and forth, where the large angle in the cutting direction and the small angle in revere direction.

It offers greater cutting efficiency, uses one file per treatment which will save the time for shaping and irrigation, and as there is GOLD technology so it offers greater flexibility. You can get the files in more sizes, and it takes cutting efficiency to a higher level.

Single gold rotary file

The pro taper blue file endodontic comes with extraordinarily advanced technology and it is used to treat both exterior and interior canals. The advantage of this file is that it will allow a smaller number of files so it facilitates the cleaning of the canal.

This pro taper blue file has been manufactured using a unique process as it controls the memory of the material. The files follow the canal anatomy so it will reduce the risk of stepping, transport, or perforation. The blue files respond to the excessive resistance of the spirals, which prevent binding to the walls and increase the resistance to the fracture.

protaper blue files
Blue rotary files

Dental Niti D File is used in sequence to remove the fill materials, and there will be three easily identifiable files that are designed for different drainage needs of the canal before starts the remodeling. The treatment will start with a D1 file, and it facilitates initial penetration, and the file will be no longer than 11mm.

The file is made of a special Niti alloy and it shows good resistance and elasticity. This is mainly used to remove gutta-percha and fillings in the root canal.   

Niti file Dental endodontic instrument
Retreatment system of rotary D files

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